Toyota Jerez F1 test 2008 video 1 (high quality)

10 comments on “Toyota Jerez F1 test 2008 video 1 (high quality)”

  1. James Christie
    20th January 2008, 15:51

    Just watched the Toyota Test on HQ Very nice loaded quickly

  2. The HQ ran without a problem.

  3. You can see the results of no traction control as he exits the turn at the very end of the video.

    Thanks for the new video service Keith!

  4. Brilliant

  5. Excellent! From where did you get this?

  6. awesome, loved the slo-mo at the end
    i have heard u can download from utube, is it possible to download these?

  7. You can download any kind of video from a website. This video is from Toyota and as re-distribution of it is not allowed it’s not supplied here as a download link.

    I’d be surprised if this isn’t on a video sharing site somewhere, but I wanted to have a larger format and better quality video than you get on most sharing sites.

  8. loaded and ran well on my MacOSx 10.4 under Firefox. Good looking video.

    The best thing is that Ralf was nowhere to be seen…

  9. Video was great quality but the sound blew me away!! Awesome

  10. Hey, thanks a lot for the post! Was trying to find an article on this topic for awhile now, thanks again!

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