Official F1 Season Reviews

Every Formula One Grand Prix season video, DVD and Blu-Ray package reviewed and rated.

Title Publisher
Year Verdict
They Tried Their Best (2016 F1 Blu-Ray / DVD) Duke Video 2016
That’s What Champions Do (2015 F1 Blu-Ray / DVD) Duke Video 2015
It was fair (2014 F1 Blu-Ray / DVD) Duke Video 2014
Who Can Stop Him? (2013 F1 Blu-Ray) Duke Video 2013
Who Can Stop Him? (2013 F1 DVD) Duke Video 2013
Victorious Vettel (2012 F1 Blu-Ray) Metrodome 2012
Victorious Vettel (2012 F1 DVD) Metrodome 2012
He’s done it again (2011 F1 DVD / Blu-ray) Universal 2011
Sebastian’s coming of age (2010 F1 DVD) Universal 2010
Not in a hurry (2009 F1 DVD) 2 Entertain 2009
Luck does not come into it (2008 F1 DVD) 2 Entertain 2008
Kimi made it at last! (2007 F1 DVD) Lionsgate 2007
Once Again! (2006 F1 DVD) Duke Video 2006
Fantastic Fernando! (2005 F1 DVD) Duke Video 2005
Michael does it again! (2004 F1 DVD) Duke Video 2004
Michael & co. the dream team (2003 F1 DVD) Duke Video 2003
Michael’s record year! (Video) Duke Video 2002
What a class act! (Video) Duke Video 2001
The official review of the 2001 FIA Formula One World Championship (DVD) SCEE 2001
World Championship Review (DVD) Columbia Tristar 2000
The champion on the track (Video) Duke Video 1999
Flying Finn first at finish (Video) Duke Video 1998
Down to the last 30 minutes (Video) Duke Video 1997
A champion and a gentleman! (Video) Duke Video 1996
He did it his way! (Video) Duke Video 1995
Who else but Schumacher! (Video) Duke Video 1994
Senna fights back (Video) Duke Video 1993
9/16 Well done Nigel (Video) Castle Vision 1992
78/71… A clear decision! (Video) Duke Video 1990
How to win a championship (Video) Duke Video 1989
Honda… All fired up! (Video) Duke Video 1988
A painless half-Nelson (Video) Duke Video 1987
All over down under (Video) Duke Video 1986
Deservedly Prost (Video) Duke Video 1985
Two till the end (Video) Duke Video 1984
The official end of season review (Video) Duke Video 1983
The official end of season review (Video) Duke Video 1982
Start to finish (Video) Duke Video 1981