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David Bersnard’s Bathurst 1000 crash and fire

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    Keith Collantine

    Terrifying crash and fire for David Besnard just after a pit stop today:

    For the second time this year I’m surprised at how easily a fire started in a crash in an Australian V8 Supercar race. I appreciate it was a high speed crash but you so rarely see fires like this in racing these days.

    Of course the most important thing is Besnard and the marshals who attended to him are apparently alright.



    That is awful, I’m thinking of the one where someone was rear-ended rupturing their fuel tank, was that another season though?

    What is also concerning is that unlike F1 cars they are in a closed, cramped cockpit. At least in F1 there is easy egress (see Heidfeld in Hungary this season).

    He just seemed to lose it on his own. Very brave marshalling though, it must have been terrifying seeing the flames spread towards you!



    Ouch, He did it well proper with that one.



    This came right after the team had changed his brake pads and it corresponded with a radio problem in the car. The team seems to think he may not have heard their messages to pump the brakes to gain brake pressure, and not realised the problem until he was doing 260km/h at the end of the straight, where he found he had half the normal stopping power and spun the car into the wall.

    This is the second major fire in the category this year after Karl Reindlers massive start line crash at Barbagallo Raceway. This is the second last year for the current design of car with the Car of The Future coming into effect in 2013. It will feature a more centralised fuel cell that they hope will stop this kind of accident.

    My concern with this plan is that the fuel tank will be INSIDE the cabin and should an accident like this occur, the fire will likely occur very close to the driver. It’s a frightening thought…



    This could quite easily have been the third major fuel fire in 12 months in the category. This occured last November at Sandown.

    Look at the fuel pouring from the back of Will Davison’s car. All that needed was a spark and it would have gone up.

    Something really needs to be done about the fuel cells.



    Ironic that the fastest lap is sponsored by the KFC “Chicken Zinger” which has a logo consisting mainly of flames!



    900 man hours later and the car is back on track!

    It’s being driven be normal driver Steven Johnson and his International driver Dirk Mueller this weekend on the Gold Coast.’s-17-back-on-track/tabid/70/newsid/11800/default.aspx



    That article is horribly written. I am surprised (or not – Dick Johnson’s team may be short on cash?) that they could re-use the chassis.

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