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James Courtney survives major driver-side impact at Phillip Island

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    Via Channel Nine, with video.

    The two Holdens collided at high speed – with Premat’s rear impacting squarely on Courtney’s door, throwing the two cars in the air and scattering debris everywhere.

    Premat responded instantly, helping extract Courtney through the passenger’s side of his car.

    Courtney was eventually able to limp away with assistance and later the medical team cleared him of serious injuries.

    He was in good spirits and forgiving of Premat’s misdemeanour.

    “I didn’t see Alex coming, so I couldn’t brace myself,” Courtney said of the incident in the opening race of the weekend’s penultimate round of the championship.

    “I spoke with Alex in the medical car and said he had a tyre go down. He didn’t mean to do that, no one would, so it’s just unfortunate.”

    Very nasty crash. Another testament to the strength of these cars. Glad James is relatively OK.


    Keith Collantine

    Seemed to take a while for the medical team to arrive:



    Nasty accident, glad he’s ok. Bit of a weird shunt from Premat, don’t remember him as a crash prone driver.



    Big hit, fortunate for both to be OK. Great safety nowadays, not only in V8.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    @npf1 – I do believe Premat’s accident was caused by a right-rear puncture. There were a couple over the weekend, though most of them happened to David Reynolds.

    Besides, all you have to do is get a couple of inches off-line through Stoner, and you’ll find yourself in the grass with no way to stop. It’s bad enough in the dry, and the Island is prone to variable conditions. It has been wet on and off all weekend.

    The only real solution here is to extend the circuit down past Honda, and recreate the corner as close as possible to the paddock. That will give drivers a little more time to catch their cars if they go off-line, and perhaps a gravel trap with strategically-angled tyre wall could be added in. It’s always going to be a difficult corner to fix, and there’s an accident almost every single time someone goes off there, but it’s the only way.

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