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    With the recent announcements of Ingall’s, Coulthard’s and Holdsworth’s moves next year I thought I would open this topic to discuss who we think will drive where and post any confirmations of Driver Changes, Team Changes (PMM REC’s for example) or Sponsor Changes.

    With that:

    Triple 8 TeamVodafone (These are pretty much a certainty)
    – Jaime Whincup
    – Craig Lowndes

    Toll HRT (Not expected to be any significant changes)
    – Garth Tander
    – James Courtney

    Walkinshaw (Ingall takes Coulthard’s spot and bring Supercheap Auto with him)
    – Russel Ingall

    GRM Fujitsu (Holdsworth leaving means there is a good seat up for grabs)
    – Michael Caruso
    – ???

    Jack Daniels/Kelly Racing (No changes expected for JD cars and Murph should stay but much uncertainty surrounding Reynolds)
    – Rick Kelly
    – Todd Kelly
    – Greg Murphy
    – David Reynolds???

    BJR (Bright Staying and Coulthard confirmed but third car and sponsors for second and Third car unknown)
    – Jason Bright
    – Fabian Coulthard
    – ???

    PMM (VIP and Owen staying but uncertainty surrounding whether there will be a second car let alone driver)
    – Steve Owen
    – ???

    LDR (Luff and Gulf Western both leaving…unknown future for team)
    – ???

    FPR (Only one question…Who will replace Dumbrell)
    – Mark Winterbottom
    – Will Davison
    – ???

    SBR (Shouldn’t be any surprises)
    – Shane van Gisbergan
    – Tim Slade
    – Lee Holdsworth

    DJR (Might expand to three car team…most likely in 2013 though)
    – Steven Johnson
    – James Moffat

    Tekno Autosport (Webb wants to expand team)
    – Jonathan Webb

    D’Alberto Racing (No changes expected)
    – Tony D’Alberto

    Triple F (Unknown, probably little change)
    – Dean Fiore

    I believe Reynolds will end up at FPR and think Bundaberg will follow Coulthard. Thompson will probably end up on the grid somewhere, looking forward to seeing who Garry Rogers chooses to replace Lee…


    Prisoner Monkeys

    I believe Bundaberg have confirmed they will leave V8 Supercars altogether.



    That is dissapointing, I never like it when sponsors leave


    Prisoner Monkeys

    No doubt they’ll find someone to fill the void. Bundy left because they felt they weren’t getting their money’s worth. And they do have a point – two of their biggest rivals, Jim Beam and Jack Daniel’s, sponsored two cars in two well-known and consistent teams. Bundaberg sponsored one car with an inconsistent driver who has spent most of this season being anonymous. I’m guessing Coulthard will be sponsored by Gulf Western Oils and/or Jana Living. Although GWO has been linked to the (anticipated) second Tekno Autosports car.

    Elsewhere, I expect VIP Petfoods will follow Steven Owen to DJR, and possibly pick up Dean Fiore in the process. That way, we would have #17 and #18 sponsored by Jim Beam and (probably) #71 and #81 sponsored by VIP.



    I wouldn’t say DJR have been consistent this year but I understand your point. I thought Jana Living was somehow linked to Bargwanna.
    The potential expansion of DJR and Tekno Autosport should be really interesting to watch develop.

    I just don’t want to see any empty cars next year. Fiore’s car was too empty for most of the season as was Reindler’s.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Triple F Racing has been closed down. Dean Fiore will move to Dick Johnson Racing in the #18 car, with James Moffat being reassigned to the team’s third car (which will carry a new number and is expected to carry backing from Norton 360). The reason for the move probably has something to do with the way DJR leases the #18 REC from Charlie Schwerkolt, and the lease expires at the end of 2012. After their falling-out in the middle of 2010, Schwerkolt is unlikely to sell the #18 REC to DJR.



    Prisoner Monkeys

    This is the grid so far:

    Triple Eight Race Engineering: #1 – Whincup, #888 – Lowndes
    Holden Racing Team: #2 – Tander, #22 – Courtney
    Tony d’Alberto Racing: #3 – d’Alberto
    Stone Brothers Racing: #4 – Holdsworth, #9 van Gisbergen, #47 – Slade (James Rosenberg)
    Ford Performance Racing: #5 – Winterbottom, #6 – Davison, #55 – TBA (Rod Nash)
    Kelly Racing: #7 – Todd, #15 – Rick, #16 – TBA, #51 – Murphy
    Brad Jones Racing: #8 – Bright, #14 – Coulthard, #21 – Wall (Britek)
    Dick Johnson Racing: #17 – Johnson, #18 – Moffat, #49 – Owen, #12 – Fiore (Triple F)
    Tekno Autosport: #19 – Webb, #91 – Patrizi
    Lucas Dumbrell Racing: #30 – TBA
    Garry Rogers Motorsport: #33 – Premat, #34 – Caruso
    Walkinshaw Racing: #66 – Ingall

    Triple Eight have also unveiled their 2012 livery which has gotten more and more red ever since they switched to Holden …



    Reindler has also been confirmed at Kelly Racing, taking Fair Dinkum with him


    Prisoner Monkeys

    And Reynolds is now at Rod Nash Racing – as expected – leaving the #30 Lucas Dumbrell Motorsport as the only available vacancy.

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