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Auto GP have to use tyre chicane at Curitiba

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    Keith Collantine

    It’s always interesting to see single-seaters racing at new or unusual venues. This weekend Auto GP are supporting the WTCC at Curitiba in Brazil. Here’s the track:,+-49.196944&hl=en&ll=-25.450269,-49.196134&spn=0.01583,0.033023&sll=53.800651,-4.064941&sspn=10.613506,33.815918&t=h&z=16

    Auto GP uses old A1 Grand Prix cars and they were supposed to race at the venue six years ago but the race was cancelled.

    However it looks like they aren’t allowed to race the regular configuration – a Spain ’94-style chicane has been added on the approach to the left-hand turn eight:



    It looks like a nice track (with a nice go-kart track right next to it). The chicane is before the last, Peraltada-like corner?

    I don’t remember anyone hitting the tyre barrier during the 1994 Spanish Grand Prix (at least not in the race), but I guess if someone does hit it this weekend, then at least half the race will be spent behind the safety car, or be red-flagged.



    @adrianmorse Here’s Bertrand Gachot doing the honours…

    Don’t know what the standard of driving is like in Auto GP, but I can’t imagine the current GP2 field making it through one of those chicanes.



    I watched the race but it didn’t look like the track offered many overtaking opportunities. After a bad start, Quaife-Hobbs first couldn’t overtake Varhaug, then he had a messy pit stop and couldn’t get past van der Drift, despite being obviously quicker in both cases.

    The race was won by Antonio Pizzonia, the former F-1 driver, who had never raced in the series before and, as I understand, had been away from the single seater racing for some time, too. That made me wonder how high the quality of the Auto GP actually is. Nevertheless, it’s nice to widen my knowledge of motorsports by learning more about different series!

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