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2012 BTCC driver line-up


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    This is so we know who is driving for who, as im losing track of who has switched now

    Team Dynamics
    Matt Neal (2011 champion) & Gordon Sheddon

    AMD Essex
    Ollie Jackson (selected races last year)

    Speedworks Motorsport
    Adam Morgan (r) & Tony Hughes (selected races last year)

    Thorney Motorsport
    John Thorne (r) & Rob Hedley (r)

    Mat Jackson, Liam Griffin & Aron Smith (selected races last year)

    Rob Collard, Nick Foster & Tom Onslow-Cole

    Central Group Racing
    Lea Wood (selected races last year)

    Welch Motorsport
    Dan Welch (selected races last year)

    ES Racing
    Chris James & Dave Newsham

    MG Racing
    Jason Plato & Andy Neate

    Pirtek Racing
    Andrew Jordan & Jeff Smith

    Frank Wrathall

    Mike Hazell & TBC

    TH Motorsport will appear mid-season at the earliest now due to sponsor trouble,
    Matt Hamilton
    some teams have yet announced there plans such as STR and TechSpeed
    I expect Dynojet to run Frank Wrathall again and RobAustin to run himself and a second car.
    Team AON have of course left for WTCC with Tom Chilton and James Nash


    Bradley Downton

    Dynojet have confirmed and entry with Frank Wrathall and Rob Austin Racing have confirmed a 2 car assault with Rob Austin as their first driver.
    The TH Motorsport entry with Matt Hamilton in the Skoda is also confirmed



    Cheers @bradley13 i’ll add them in



    Isn’t the TH Motorsport entry in doubt? They mentioned on Twitter a month or two ago that a financial backer had pulled out and the construction of the car had been halted.



    ah did they? I thought they were being a bit quiet on there return to the sport, they always have problems with money, such a shame



    Anyone know when MG will unveil its challenger?



    theres a few teams unveilling there cars at the media day in March, they maybe one of those teams



    Another drive has left for the WTCC, this time Alex MacDowall to Bamboo.



    It’s a bit of plugging I know but I’ve put a short video up on YouTube from the test session at Oulton Park yesterday. I filmed a pit stop for one of the Motorbase Fords showing how the rear tyres on a front wheel drive car are warmed up by doing a warm up lap, coming in to swap the front and rear tyres and then going back out again. I’m sure that would be of interest to someone!



    I had the Scuderia Vitorria team come into my garage yesterday to have some tyres changed. they must of been at the same test at Oulton. where are you based @robk23?



    @ratboy Scuderia Vitorria were at the Oulton Park test so that might explain. I’m near Chester so I’ll go to as many Oulton tests as I can if there’ll be any more.


    Keith Collantine

    Nice video @robk23 – got me pining for my home circuit!



    Very interesting video Rob, makes me think of the videos from the pitlane in 60s F1, people chatting amiably in the background while the mechanics get on with it. I think there’s something to be said for that style of motor racing over the modern up-tight professionalism of F1.

    I guess tyre blankets etc are banned in BTCC, do they normally do this in qualifying? I’ve never seen it done before.

    Also I want a Caterham.



    Yeah its the only way to heat the rear tyres on a front wheel drive car,



    It’s also one of the few chances to be in an active BTCC pit lane! I agree with @george that the open fan friendly format of the BTCC is much better than the ‘them and us’ mentality of F1.

    I’ve never seen a tyre blanket is the BTCC so I guess they’re banned, swapping the tyres at least warms all four tyres and makes up for the lack of heat going into the tyres without drive. Likewise on a rear wheel drive car like the BMW or Audi, swapping the tyres is the only way to heat the front tyres.

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