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2013 BTCC drivers and teams

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    This is looking like a great season and we aren’t even in the new year! I am looking forward to seeing who will replace Neate at MG, and will there be any returning legends from the past?


    Ryan Williams

    Honda have just confirmed both Neal and Shedden for next year. Hardly surprising given the success they’ve had with this pairing



    @ryanwilliams The best pairing on the grid so it’s no surprise and now of course they’re both champions.



    More news, WSR are building a BMW 1 Series NGTC car with backing from eBay Motors once again. The donor vehicle is a BMW 125i M Sport. This news means they can reuse the Neil Brown BMW NGTC engine.



    Well, the news we already knew has been comfirmed, and the BMW will be great, I think WSR seem like a great team. One thing I have noticed is that, although the NGTC regs were introduced to get people to enter with saloons, Dynamics, Motorbase and now WSR have gone for small cars, and the MG isn’t the largest, so maybe Team HARD and the others have missed something by going for the Passat, Toyotas, Proton, Insignias etc.



    2012 Renault Clio Cup UK champion Jack Goff will drive a Team HARD Vauxhall Insignia next year. I hope this doesn’t mean the end of the alternative looking artwork on the side of his trailer.


    Ryan Williams

    Tom Onslow-Cole will drive one of Tony Gilham’s new NGTC Passats

    Dave Newsham has just signed for Speedworks Motorsport



    Signings coming in at quite a rate now, I’m glad to see two very good drivers in NGTC machinery for next year. It’s great also that the Team HARD Volkswagen CC will have an experienced driver at the wheel to develop it.

    The ‘Passat’ name was dropped from the CC when it was facelifted earlier this year, the model is now known simply as the Volkswagen CC.



    I’ve been watching some season reviews from the Super Touring days and it got me wondering when the next retired Formula 1 driver will join the BTCC? The problem is that they would probably want a paid drive rather than scrape together the £300k+ in sponsorship each season. Johnny Herbert was the last former F1 driver to compete when he drove for Team Dynamics for half of 2009 and he didn’t do too badly, the same goes for Nigel Mansell when he had a go in the late 90s. If my knowledge is correct DC did a couple of BTCC races before he went to Formula 1?

    It was nice to see Williams on the grid as well with the Renaults, the chances of them coming back however are slim if non-existent. It would still be great to see them return though.

    And of course lets not forget the 1964 champion, the late great Jim Clark.



    Rob Huff has said he would consider returning to the BTCC if he can’t stay in the WTCC. The budget required for a full BTCC season won’t buy much more than 6 or 7 WTCC events, the shipping costs are a killer.

    I’ve got a feeling Alex MacDowall might end up in one of the RML WTCC seats next year. The other seat depends on what they have planned for 2014, rumour is they’re working on a Renault deal which would make the retention of either Muller or Menu appealing.



    @robk23 Damon Hill did a race or two in the late 80’s, I remember watching clip on youtube where Damon was one of the drivers in those endurance races they used to run with two drivers per car when the grid was all RS500s and M3s. According to BTCC net Coulthard did one race in 1990, back when he would have been a very young gun.

    And Gabriele Tarquini was an ex F1 driver, multiple race winner in the BTCC and a champion to boot. I’m pretty sure he has the record for most failed attempts to pre-qualify for a race back when there were more than 26 entrants. Jo Winkelhock was a failed F1 driver as well. Anyway they both were fantastic touring car drivers.

    Gianni Morbidelli did a season for Volvo back in 1998, although the team was so heavily focused on Rydell he never really had a chance to show what he could do. I remember back when Jean-Christophe Boullion was the Williams test driver he did a season for Renault back in ’99. Then there was Jan Lammers who drove for Volvo in ’94, Julian Bailey had a couple of years with Toyota in the early 90’s and I’m surprised you forgot Derek Warwick from the ‘good old boys’ as Charlie Cox used to call him and John Cleland. And of course everyone remembers Nigel Mansell’s guest stint with Ford back in 98. None of these guys were that sucessful but it is uncanny how some of the pre-eminent touring car drivers of the last 20 years are in fact people who couldn’t cut it in F1. There’s Tarquini, Nicola Larini, Bernd Schneider, Emmanuelle Pirro, Jo Winkelhock, Tom Kristensen, Gary Paffett and I’m sure there are others I’ve forgotten. Your post got me wandering down memory lane, I might have to get my old VHSs out of the supertouring era as well!



    I also remembered when you mentioned Jo Winkelhock about the next generation of Winkelhock coming to touring cars next year. The very same Marcus Winkelhock that led that hectic German Grand Prix in 2007 for Spyker will be racing in the WTCC next year. Johnny Cecotto also competed in the BTCC and there are plenty of past or future F1 drivers who competed in the 1987 WTCC season. Bernd Schneider (better known for his 4 DTM championships), Ivan Capelli, Roland Ratzenberger, Emanuele Pirro, Luis Perez-Sala, Riccardo Patrese, Alessandro Nannini and Michael Andretti to name a few.

    Unfortunately I’m too young to properly remember the supertouring era, I saw some of the cars at the time and I had one of the TOCA games. I played in the street outside one of the drivers’ houses which was funny when I think about it now.

    Jenson Button did a Q&A at the Brands Hatch DTM meeting this year and he said when asked what he would like to do after F1, that he would like to try DTM. He did some laps in one of the old cars that day and whilst his answer might have been a PR dealy, it kind of saddens me that retired F1 drivers think only DTM will give them the tin top thrills they need. They don’t really consider proper touring cars anymore which is a shame and unlike DTM they could still race long after leaving F1.



    Those Confirmed So Far – This is what I could find so far, those in brackets are drivers who are not confirmed, but either drove for that team last year or are associated with the team through testing etc.

    Honda Yuasa
    NGTC – Honda Civic
    – Gordon Shedden
    – Matt Neal

    MG KX / 888 racing
    NGTC – MG6
    – Jason Plato
    – ???

    Pirtek Racing
    NGTC – Honda Civic
    – ??? (Andrew Jordan, Jeff Smith)

    eBay Motors / WSR
    NGTC – BMW 125i
    – ??? (Rob Collard, Nick Foster)

    Motorbase Performance
    NGTC – Ford Focus
    – ??? (Mat Jackson, Liam Griffin, Aron Smith)

    NGTC – Toyota Avensis
    – Dave Newsham
    (Lea Wood, Carl Boardley)

    Cicely Racing
    NGTC – Toyota Avensis
    – Adam Morgan

    Team HARD
    NGTC – Vauxhall Insignia
    – Jack Goff
    – ???
    NGTC – VW Passat CC
    – Tom Onslow Cole
    – ???
    (S2000 Honda Civic)
    (Howard Fuller, Aaron Williamson, Robb Holland, Tony Gilham)

    ES Racing
    ??? (S2000 Vauxhall Vectra)
    – ??? (Chris James)

    Rob Austin Racing (?)
    NGTC – Audi A4
    – ??? (Rob Austin, Will Bratt, Chris Swanwick)

    Dynojet (?)
    NGTC – Toyota Avensis
    – ??? (Frank Wrathall)

    AMD Milltek (?)
    NGTC? (S2000 VW Golf)
    – ??? (Ollie Jackson)

    Welch Motorsport (?)
    NGTC – Proton Persona
    – ??? (Daniel Welch)

    BINZ Racing (?)
    ??? – (S2000 Vauxhall Vectra)
    – ??? (Lea Wood)

    Thorney Motorsport (? – To be announced at Autosport)
    NGTC – Vauxhall Insignia
    – ??? (John Thorne)

    tech-speed (?)
    S2000 Chevrolet Cruze
    – ??? (Joe Girling)


    Ryan Williams

    James Cole has joined Tony Gilham’s squad and will drive the 2nd Insignia



    You’re missing Chris Stockton for BTC racing, he’s going to be running a EX-RML Cruze they were developing.

    AMD are selling/sold their Golf in an attempt to get a full NGTC car next year
    and ES racing are trying to sell their Vectras though one is heavily crash tested thanks to Chris James ;)

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