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BTCC Round 10: Brands Hatch GP

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    This is it! Four drivers could win the title this weekend although realistically it’s been two drivers. Gordon Shedden, Jason Plato, Matt Neal and Andrew Jordan all have a chance but who’s everyones bet on?

    My guess (and hope) is it will be Shedden as he currently has a 15 point lead over Plato and the MG hasn’t always been the most reliable car this season (note Oulton Park and Knockhill troubles). The Honda also has increased boost this weekend, while the MG loses some from this stupid system TOCA have devised. Plus Shedden has two wingmen (Neal and Jordan) who can take points off Plato, Jeff Smith could also be in the mix. Andy Neate is not likely to be much help to Plato.

    But more importantly than that, will you be there? I’m setting off in a bit for the long trip south so I’ll be there both days, I wish anyone else who is going a great weekend (if it doesn’t rain).



    i’m going on sunday. it’s going to be my first time at a BTCC race. I’ve been following the races on TV this year and it has been full of good races.

    I hope Shedden wins the title.



    I really really hope Shedden gets it, he would deserve it 100%. I think it’s going to be a great round and a fitting end to such an exciting season, shame I can’t be there, but seeing as I went to Rockingham (and got SOAKED!) and Silverstone I can’t complain. :)



    Hoping a Honda wins it.
    been to a few this season but missing Brands Hatch due to unfortunate reasons.
    Hoping Dan and Frank get a good round! Silverstone looked promising after quali but fell flat sadly



    I had a walk out to the far end of the GP loop this morning, it’s easy to tell which cars have the suspension as low as they can go due to them scraping the track coming into Hawthorns! The Hondas of Neal, Shedden and Jordan plus the Ford of Mat Jackson were the top scrapers today.

    Aaron Williamson ended up 8th in qualifying, that was great considering nobody was really expecting much from him.


    Bradley Downton

    Wow, fair play to Onslow-Cole, easily quickest.
    Good setup for the title tomorrow, and the two BMW’s will not be easily brushed aside, 1-2 exiting Paddock?

    Also, big word to Williamson… stunning performance.

    @robk23 – Gutted I’m not there, hope you really enjoy it!


    Bradley Downton

    Good win from Matt Neal.
    Good result for the Championship too.
    and not a bad race… shame for Wrathall though



    Frank had a none race so nothing really lost.
    good to see the Hondas have got a boost increase this round so they can actually fight!


    Bradley Downton

    I agree @ratboy. It’s going to be good to actually see a fight for the title, I bet Plato will complain today though about something!
    True, but he was 10th at one point, so could have been on for a good final race.



    Top drive again from Aron Smith and a great win for him! Wrathall from the back had a much much better race 2 than 1
    and of course Sheddon becoming champion, the first Scot since John Cleland in 1995



    Fantastic for Flash, Made up!

    But I have to say, what the hell was Andy Neate thinking with that rejoin to track. Stupid bloody thing to do!


    Bradley Downton

    Fantastic for Flash. Great season and thoroughly deserved. Matt Neal looked happier than when he won the title last season!
    Also huge Congratulations to Aron Smith and Frank Wrathall on their first wins!
    Wrathall’s has been a LONG time coming, as a huge fan, I am absolutely OVER THE FRICKIN MOON!!! :D


    Keith Collantine

    A nice gesture from Plato:



    It’s the first time I’ve been near a computer since yesterday, what a great day it was too! Flash getting the title he has deserved for a long time, plus two new BTCC winners as well!

    The last race was fantastic to watch as the cars drove on into the darkness, it was darker than the TV pictures suggest. It kind of reminded me of Le Mans, and it was good that plenty of fans stayed despite the rain and the cold.

    I also stayed for the championship trophies to be awarded, something I’ve never been to before and it is definitely something worth seeing. In the end I was at the circuit until just before 7pm, by which time I’d also got into the GP paddock to have a look around. There’s something about wondering around a racing track at night that’s exciting and unusual, similar to walking around school in the dark.

    Chris Evans was talking about the BTCC on Radio 2 this morning, they also had Gordon Shedden on the phone for a chat. I think they had Jason Plato on Friday as well?

    While I was watching the end of race two and I saw Aron Smith (race winner), Gordon Shedden (overall champion) and Andrew Jordan (indy champion) getting out of their cars and I thought of a twist on an old joke.

    “What do you call an Englishman, an Irishman and a Scotsman?”



    well, it was a decent day out although the weather kind of ruined it for me.
    i don’t have a car, so i had to rely on public transport. I arrived at Eynsford train station at 9am after almost 2 hours of train hopping. I then walked to the circuit. it took me circa 1 and half hours. It was a very pleasant walk, even with the rain. Very nice buildings and views.
    When i got to the circuit i still saw a bit of the Porsche race and the Ginetta. The atmosphere was excellent.
    I was sitting at Hailwoods Grandstand which was located right at the bottom of Paddock Hill Bend. I was amazed at how steep that area of the circuit is. You can’t see that on TV. I was really impressed on how the cars came down there right on the limit of grip. You could see them sliding, almost losing it.
    The BTCC race was fairly decent but without to much wheel to wheel action or drama.
    After this i went for a walk around the circuit. Brands Hatch is a very impressive circuit with all the level changes. On the TV it all seems flat, but once you’re there it’s a completely different scenery. It must be very enjoyable driving around there. Whilst i was getting around the circuit the Ginetta Junior and the Formula Renault cars went around the circuit. I particularly liked the back end of the circuit where there is no fencing and you can see the cars just there, in front of you.
    i made my way back to my seat for the second BTCC race. This one was better, not because there was more action but because there were a few “coming together” in front of the grand stand, specially the one in Cooper Straight when one of the cars took to the grass and when rejoining recklessly hit another car causing a hefty shunt.
    After this race i decided to leave. The title was decided, it had been raining throughout the day and i still had an one and half hour walk back to the station followed by two hours of train ride.
    Overall it was ok, shame about the weather. i will definitely go back to Brands Hatch to see some more racing, hopefully on a dry day. As for the BTCC, great to see Shedden get the title. I’ll follow the series next year and hopefully will make it to another couple of races.

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