World Endurance Championship

2013 World Endurance Championship Round One: Silverstone

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    The cars are about to resume racing as this years World Endurance Championship kicks off at Silverstone this weekend.

    This weekend we will see if Audi can still beat Toyota to the top step of the podium in the 6 hour race with two Toyota’s entering the race after only one entry on the race last year.

    Supporting the season opener this weekend is the FIA Formula 3 Series as well as the European Le Mans Series who will be contesting their 3 hour race on Saturday afternoon.

    Despite the weekend commencing on Friday, coverage starts on Saturday with @motorstv broadcasting the Formula 3 live at 11:10 for Race 1, 14:10 for Race 2 and 15:45 for the ELMS 3 hour race. Again, on Sunday @motorstv will be broadcasting the Formula 3 live, 10:00 for Race 3, directly following this is the highlights from Saturday’s ELMS race, at 11:05. Finally the flagship event on the weekend will be broadcasting live, again on @motorstv, at 12:30, the World Endurance Championship 6 Hours of Silverstone.

    So will anybody from F1 Fanatic be going to the weekend?



    This season is going to last until November only. I think watching this would be exciting. I would definitely not let this pass. Among the four teams competing, I would watch out for Toyota and Audi go head to head in this 6 hour Silverstone Circuit.



    I and a few others from F1Fnaatic/twitter are meeting up and camping together for the weekend. I went to the same race last year (in August) and it was brilliant, especially for the amount of money you pay. Far more worthwhile than even a day at the F1.

    Very much looking forward to it, even if it drizzles for the entire weekend like it’s looking to do so.



    I am going for the Saturday, I think there are a lot more individual events and the day is the same length than the Sunday, even if it not the 6 hour race (I went to it last year, I really enjoyed it, but it was a long day), there is plenty of worthwhile action, and of course I don’t want to miss the Chinese GP on Sunday.



    I’m not bothered about missing a Far away and usually average F1 race if I can go and see an entire weekend of live racing on my doorstep.

    The support races look equally good, bolstered by the fact that the 3-hour-long European Le Mans Series race is on the Saturday, so you get to see a proper decent race anyway. Euro F3 too with a fairly large and strong field.


    Antonio Nartea

    This just got underway!

    McNish and Treluyer already gaining one position each. It’s Toyota-Audi-Toyota-Audi now with Wurz, McNish and Davidson keeping close to each other, within 1 sec.

    On a side note, I really think radio-broadcasts from the race director are something F1 should be looking at. It would provide valuable info to the viewers, not to mention the fact that it adds to the immersion of the viewer into the race.

    Can’t wait to see how this unfolds!


    Antonio Nartea

    Just a quick update which might be of interest to some.

    1/2 of the race now and B. Senna is leading GTE Pro in the Aston, about 1 min. ahead of the AF Corse of Villander as the Ferrari of Fisichella/Bruni hit trouble. So it’s technically Senna and Kobayashi in P1 & 2. :)
    Romain Dumas is making it a Aston-Ferrari-Porsche podium at the moment. GTE Am is also on for an Aston-Ferrari-Corvette podium right now.

    LMP2 is still unpredictable. Two of the OAK Racing Morgan-Nissans are probably standing out as extremely consistent in P2 & 3. Liuzzi is having a bad day as Lotus keep hitting trouble (from a door not closing to contact with Minassian or electrical issues) and are now running as the last 2 classified cars in the field.

    As for LMP1, it looks like Audi are having it easy again. Toyotas dropping 1 respectively 2 laps behind the Audis who are running “squadron” in P1 & 2 about 2 sec. apart.

    Also, commentators on Le Mans Radio trying to confirm a strong rumour in the paddock regarding Webber who apparently already signed a 5 year deal with Porsche to race their LMP1 car in the WEC starting next year.



    My album from the weekend:

    Brilliant weekend. Amazing even. Won a WEC twitter competition on the Sunday morning, the prize being a pair of grid walk tickets, which was an absolute highlight.

    Overall the weekend was highly entertaining and enjoyable. The campsite got wetter and muddier, but with a country club clubhouse and bar just up the road, the campsite was only used for sleeping anyway. Circuit is in great shape. Grandstands were opened over the course of the weekend, with only really the pit straight and Luffield on Friday. They still desperately need to build a bridge or dig a tunnel from somewhere between Stowe and Abbey to the paddock though. Without that to get from the pit straight to the paddock takes a good half hour walking, or having to wait for a bus before you squeeze through the bottleneck between Becketts and the infield loop.

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