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ACO search for greatest car to compete at Le Mans

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    Hi all

    I haven’t seen this mentioned anywhere else on the forums so I thought I’d start the thread.

    The ACO (Automobile Club de l’Ouest – the entity which organises the Le Mans 24 hour race) are running a competition to find the greatest car to have ever raced at Le Mans. Click on the link below and have your say. The cars have been split into 10 categories (based on the decade they competed) and in each case you have to vote for one of three cars which they have chosen. Each car is accompanied by a short blurb about why the ACO think it is significant which, if I am being overly critical, is rather lacking in detail but is adequate enough. It is tough to choose a winner in some of the categories (I found 1950-1960 and 1960-1970 particularly difficult as the 6 cars listed could all claim to be one of Le Mans finest ever).

    I think it is a great idea for the ACO to be engaging with fans in this way. Even though I didn’t really pay attention to the competition aspect of it, it is a nice time waster and a nice summary of a bit of the great history of the race. I can’t imagine FOM will be doing something like this any time soon…perhaps it would be possible for us to start a similar forum thread for F1 or for someone to pen a guest article?



    Indeed, really enjoyed reading that!

    As to make this thread F1-related: I think a guest article would be a very nice idea. Maybe a list of the best F1 cars in history, and finishing with a poll for F1Fanatics to have their say?



    Had to choose but for the 60s/70s/80s its not too hard, in my opinion, thats the GT40, 917k & 956 respectivly. Its the other decades which are the hardest to choose from, perhaps with exception the 20s with the Bentley’s & the Bentley Boys who drove them.

    Great competition, will fill it out when i get home from work

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