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Court case over Nissan’s DeltaWing-like ZEOD RC

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    Keith Collantine

    Nissan and ex-DeltaWing design Ben Bowlby are facing a lawsuit claiming the design was unlawfully adopted for Nissan’s ZEOD RC racer:

    The ZEOD RC is supposed to be racing at Le Mans this year:



    It’d be a shame if it didn’t get to race next year, but I suppose infringement is infringement.

    Also might explain why it suddenly disappeared from supposedly being in Gran Turismo 6.



    The Deltawing is back in GT6, in the current chrome and red livery, removing any references to Nissan.


    Fer no.65

    I don’t get it. Wasn’t the original DeltaWing that raced at Le Mans backed by Nissan?

    And yeah, it’s back on Gran Turismo 6.



    What about this Nissan concept car from the Tokyo Motor Show? It may not be a racer but it’s obvious where the inspiration came from:



    @fer-no65 – The original Deltawing was powered (and sponsored) by Nissan, but it was not a Nissan design/car. Fastforward, Nissan is now producing their own deltawing style car (ZEOD RC), using patents and designs it “illegally borrowed” from the original Deltawing project.



    It’s a bit more complex than that though. The DeltaWing and the ZEOD are both designs produced by Ben Bowlby. It was his concept from the outset. The thing is, he came up with the concept while under contract for Ganassi Racing, and the terms of his contract basically gave Ganassi IP rights over anything he designed during his tenure. He’s not stolen anything, in reality, he’s simply taken his own idea and developed it with Nissan. It’s just one of those annoying situations where a legal contract means that he’s not the legal owner of ideas and concepts which exist within his own brain.

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