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F1 vs Le Mans 24 Hours

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    Hey guys,

    I think many of you already know this but for those of us that weren’t aware about how hard a 24 hours race can be, this is the best way to discover.

    Most of you are passionated with F1 like myself. When we see the sport, we think like wow those cars are fast. Some of us think this is the hardest sport in racing.

    That last one isn’t quiet right. Not if you look at these 2 video’s: , . In the last video, there are 2 sentence which kept me thinking. 1) “You need to do the equipment of a whole F1 season in 1 day” (meaning racing day AND night) and 2) “That means I need to hold my breath, to stop my lungs getting crushed…”

    Not only this but, you know the nordschleiffe right? This kept me busy with the question, how these guys can race for so long around the “hardest” track in history. You got SO MANY corners, and all of those drivers know them inside out + they even race eachother at a track where it is actually impossible to overtake… That’s why I got so much respect for those drivers. It’s nearly unacceptable to know that these drivers can race on that track for so long. Yet they’ve done it for years now…



    I think the line “you have to do an entire season of F1 in 1 day” is a bit misleading. The car and team has to go for approximately as long (time not distance), but of course the driver does 1/3 of that. But I’m just being pedantic, I have a lot of respect for them too. I liked that Le Mans video.



    For sure, the guys who do Le Mans (or Nurburgring) 24 hours deserve a big respect. I think, if we compare the endurance racing to F1, the difference is similar as the one between marathon and the mile run. It’s not like marathoners are more / less respectable than mile runners as both disciplines require a bit different skills / powers. I think the F1 drivers have to withstand bigger G-forces but for a shorter amount of time. But I really like 24 Heures du Mans, I’m definitely going to watch it again this year.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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