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Video: Monza without the first chicane – 340kph into Curva Grande

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    Keith Collantine

    I hadn’t seen this footage before of Audi testing at Monza without the chicane, hammering into Curva Grande at top speed:




    I’ve done that on GT5. :P



    This was preparation for Le Mans :)






    Yeah, as BMWF1 said, this layout is available on GT5 (and presumably 6). It’s very good to watch, without that excessively tight chicane.



    This was the first test of their R18 long tail version. On a drying track, no less. I don’t see how that chicane is relevant any more. The cars can handle the Grand Corner, let them hammer through it at top speed.



    Absolutely brilliant. And what a car that Audi is. Looks like a spaceship, sounds like a jet fighter, and goes like a rocket. I love seeing these monsters at Le Mans.


    To be fair, that chicane is awful. It’s the worst first corner on the F1 calendar, by far.



    The sound in that is utterly extraordinary. Sounds nothing like a racing car is “meant” to sound, but I absolutely love it.

    I do often wonder what it would be like if there were no chicane on the pit straight. It’s something like 1.5km between the Parabolica and the Curva Grande. A modern F1 car would presumably approach it around that 340km/h mark, probably more. It would be incredible to see what kind of speed they’d be able to carry through the Cruva Grande.



    If only they got rid of DRS for (at least) tracks like Monza and scrapped this chicane. I’m alright with Roggia and Ascari, as they have provided more overtaking possibilities than we’d probably have without them.

    Grant Monza a special status; increase the total length of the GP as well and I’m sure spectators would flock to the stands on the straight and Roggia.



    @npf1 – not sure they could increase the length without refuelling…



    It would certainly shorten the lap too much. A modern car, DRS open, approaches the chicane at 335 km/h, slams the brake down to 70 km/h and stays for 7 seconds under 100 km/h. If you consider the same car (and suppose the car has enough downforce to handle the corner with relatively low loss of speed), in those 7 seconds, the car that didn’t take the chicane covered 651 meters at the same speed, which I think is a big part of the distance between Rettifilo and Roggia.
    I took the data from Hamilton’s pole last year:


    Max Jacobson

    @mazdachris I abolsutely love it – it’s my favourite current racing car by far. The technology is unbelievable and just makes me long for less constrictive technical regulations!


    Force Maikel

    That is absolytly astonshing…

    Now I’m hitting myself on the head that I never even bothered to complain about turn one in the first place, simply because I have never known it any other way.

    Still, that would be a verry long 7th gear in an F1 car wouldn’t it? If you misjudge curva grande then, oh boy are you in for a ride. On the other hand I think the impact if you crash in Parabolica is way harder then when would crash at Curva Grande at top speed like in the video. Bring it on I say!

    “Hope floats”



    That would be a death waiting to happen at the start! Thank God that they put the chicane there…
    I would hate to see several cars going in side by side at 280+ or 300+ into curva grande… tyres touch and somebody would go airborne! Scary thought!

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