World Endurance Championship

Six Hours of Spa – Saturday 5th 2012

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    Keith Collantine

    It’s the Six Hours of Spa this weekend, the second round of the 2012 World Endurance Championship and the last before the Le Mans 24 Hours.

    Sadly Toyota will not be racing following their crash a few weeks ago. But Audi’s e-tron Quattro will be making its race debut.

    The race starts at 1pm UK time and live coverage is on @motorstv

    If there’s enough interest I can set up F1 Fanatic Live for the race on Saturday – if you’re going to be watching and would like to have live comments, let me know below.



    Nice to see Toyota have changed their lights- that was the gawkiest looking part of the car.



    Oof, a big smash going up Raidillon just now. Driver is fine but the safety cars are out, so I’m off to watch the Cup final (c’mon Sauber!) Enjoying the race though (watching it on the FIA WEC site, great commentary and banter) – a drying track, a few silly accidents, familiar names and some good battles too.



    I haven’t been following it. What happened to the number 2 car? I’m hoping to see that team win Le Mans. It would be nice to see Kristensen continue to increase his number of wins, and McNish is quite likeable too.



    Coming in for the last hour, I agree with what @bullfrog says, FIA WEC site is very nice to have, and I just heard bit of commentary about how FIA is doing a lot to make it easy for (local) tv as well as on-track audiences to catch the race and have something to do (if there’s a caution or you are with someone who’s a bit less of a fan :) next to the track etc. Sounds like FIA is doing a lo of good things they failed to do with F1 in terms of reaching out to fans!

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