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2012 WEC and Le Mans entry lists revealed

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    FIA and ACO released the WEC and Le Mans Entry Lists



    Hmm, the Audi is registered as a Hybrid, have they confirmed themselves as running an R18 hybrid or have the FIA spilt the beans?


    Keith Collantine

    @deanmachine Audi are running two R18 hybrids in the WEC and at Le Mans. At Le Mans they will also run two non-hybrid R18s.

    Just nine LMP1s for the WEC after Peugeot pull out then, and one of those is the Toyota which won’t be at the first round.

    And Marino Franchitti is down to drive the Delta Wing – going to be great to see that on the track!



    Why has Audi got the 1, when Peugeot won the ILMC?


    Joel Holland

    Toyota will only have one car in the WEC. Or have I missed something? Thought the second car was Le Mans only. Be interesting to see who they put in that second entry – Buemi’s been mentioned a bit (they already have a Japanese driver whose name I can’t recall ff the top of my head).



    @renner I think it’s because the winner of Le Mans gets the number 1, even in other Le Mans series.

    Like I think whoever won Le Mans was number 1 at Sebring and Petit Le Mans even if they didn’t win the ALMS the year before.


    Alianora La Canta

    Renner, I suspect the lack of Peugeot is why Audi has the 1 (having them carry “0” in what is supposedly a new championship would be distinctly odd).



    @deanmachine: Peugeot were supposed to carry #1 as 2011 ILMC champion constructors, but since they’re not there, it seems the ACO gave the #1 now to the second-placed manufacturer (which was Audi).

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