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    Keith Collantine

    As you know I prefer to run competitions that all readers of the site can enter.

    Occasionally in the past it has been necessary to restrict competitions to certain areas for legal reasons, for example, when the prizes are DVDs which are only published in certain regions.

    Generally competition prize suppliers are happy to meet the cost of posting prizes. However the cost of sending prizes outside the UK is increasingly becoming a concern for some of them.

    With this in mind, I wanted to ask readers’ opinions on how to address this. For example:

    * Would you be happy to see fewer prizes on offer if it meant everyone had a chance to win them?
    * Would you mind if more competitions on the site were region-restricted, e.g. to just the UK/RoI, or just to Europe?

    Please share your thoughts below.



    Speaking as an Eastern European, I totally understand if some competitions are available to the UK residents only. Around 40% of the readers are from the UK and the posting costs are an issue. Moreover, competitions are a luxury feature offered only by a few F1 websites. I pay £52 a year to read Autosport Plus, yet they have no competitions!

    I also think that some competitions are naturally UK-only, such us the ones where you can win tickets to Goodwood or Autosport International. I would love to go to those some day but it’s unlikely that I will spend, let’s say £500 for flight tickets and accomodation just to get the entrance for free.

    For sure, competitions are one of the many great things that make this site so special and I think everyone loves to take part in them but you have to be realistic.



    Agree to @girts .
    P.S.- where are you from,mate?



    @thejudge I’m from Latvia. Looks like we both have something in common :)


    Craig Woollard

    I agree with @girts here…

    Personally I think it’s fine just having competitions restricted to Europe or UK/RoI.

    I think you’ll find there’s not a very wide range of worldwide competitions unfortunately.

    I just think it will be nice to see as many competitions available as possible. Some of the ones restricted to the UK I can’t enter because I simply can’t afford to go to these places, but that’s just how the cookie crumbles really.

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