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    Maybe it’s just me, but I’m having difficulty seeing the forum topics now that the member who started it is directly underneath it.. maybe a bigger font?



    @keithcollantine To be honest I think it’s a huge step backwards. I usually browse the website with my iPhone, but the forums look messy on there. My biggest problem however, is that I can not log in on my iPhone anymore. The log in form used to be on the bottom of the index page, but this now loads older articles infinitely. So I had to visit the forums every time to log in, but now the log in form is gone there as well. So now what? No more commenting for me?



    The text is incredibly small! font.



    Still awaiting for a possibility to log in, I’m only rarely on a computer. @keithcollantine



    Found a workaround, but it’s embarrassing this is what it takes tbh.


    Log in there and you’ll be redirected back to F1Fanatic, even on iPhone.


    Keith Collantine

    @roald The ‘login’ and ‘register’ buttons should now be visible for all users on all screen sizes at the top-left of the screen when not logged in. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    You may need to refresh your cache to see it right away. On the Android device I’m using here it’s in the Option menu under Settings > Privacy and security > Clear cache.


    Craig Woollard

    I was then about to ask about that. It was also only showing news on the main page from a few days ago, but this appears to now be fixed. Thanks for that!



    @keithcollantine Any idea when we will get the F1F Virtual Grand Prix Championship thread back? All we get when we click on it is ‘no topic found’.


    Lucas Wilson

    Keith Collantine

    I’m aware of the problem with that thread, I will look into it but afraid I don’t know at the moment whether it’s fix-able.


    Keith Collantine

    A few more fixes and improvements have just been made:

    • Fixed styling of the forum tables
    • Improved display of sub-forums within forum tables
    • Bumped up the text size within topics

    These changes have only just been made so if you’re not seeing anything different try a hard refresh (Ctrl-F5 on most browsers)



    Much nicer having larger text.


    Common Monsoon

    @keithcollantine I’m having a problem where I can’t seem to post replies to the Collantine Cup thread in some cases since the update (could be an issue with the thread itself considering it was accidentally deleted and then restored).

    When I encounter this problem, half of the time it takes me back to where it should appear but there’s nothing there, and the other half of the time it takes me to this page (which is pretty much blank with no functionality). I’ve tried different browsers and even had someone else try to post the same text but nothing has worked so far and I’m wondering if there’s a character limit or even certain words that trigger it.

    I’m happy to email you an example of something that triggers the issue if it will help.



    Hi keith.
    Whenever I get tagged in a post, I’m not getting it as a notification. There is no number in the top right of the page where new notifications should appear. I like to get the notification there when I’m tagged.



    I’ve noticed that videos are being cut off, I only see about 2/3 of the video in the forums and on the main site (using IE 11).

    EDIT: A work around is just to zoom out of the browser window, but it makes the rest of the page difficult to unreadable.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 37 total)

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