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    I think a topic to discuss what people come up with for other features to build in or little things to make it even better (in the quest for excellence!) would be welcome.

    Already noticed since yesterday:
    – a few extra racing series to be a fan of in the profile page
    – add non active racing teams and/or drivers (Keith rightly mentions that would make it really quite a trouble navigating, with hundreds of drivers)
    – let you put in your birthday in the profile page to get included in the birthday shoutouts

    But I am sure there will be loads of other new ideas that come up, and some of them might even be really good ones! I don’t mean glitches or tech problems, there’s other topics for that.

    So please add your Ideas, or comment on ones offered here.



    An idea from @catalina http://www.f1fanatic.co.uk/2011/10/05/introducing-f1-fanatics-community-mobile-features/comment-page-1/#comment-852202

    @us-peter mentioned being able to use the F1F-profiles for logging into the live blogs

    @alexf1man asked for a twitter directory. Adding/connecting twitter (and facebook, google+, …) accounts might be a nice idea. Not sure about the work needed for that nor the consequences though



    >- a few extra racing series to be a fan of in the profile page


    Sadly, the series I follow the most eagerly, World Superbike, is absent from the list.



    When I see a comment on my ‘friends timeline’ I can’t reply to it or get a link directly to the comment. Am I missing something? It’d be nice to have that…


    Keith Collantine

    @enigma This was tested but it was deemed too confusing as you had different responses to the same comment on different parts of the site.



    Also, a link to the latest reply on a topic, and maybe a way to subscribe to forum topics? There are so many topics and it’d be great if one could just click ‘hide’ or ‘subscribe’.



    @keith_collantine I don’t understand, can’t it link to the comment on an article?

    I absolutely love what you did with the website, it’s more than anyone could’ve asked for. Awesome.



    @keithcollantine A couple of things…

    Just noticed that you don’t list the Google+ social network thumbnail in the bottom right.

    I tried to use the ‘link’ button when making a comment on one of the articles, it was a link to a .jpg. I guess with it being an image it was blocked but would that button work for URL’s? I did find I could just paste the URL in the comment box, is there any other purpose the ‘link’ tag serves?



    @keithcollantine Sorry for all the notifications you’re getting from me, Keith!

    The list for the users with the most frequent comments has vanished. Is this likely to be integrated with the new system or is it a thing of the past now?


    Fer no.65

    @keithcollantine I’d change the colour of the usernames’ links, to make the usernames (now clickeable) stand out from the normal site links.



    @andrewtanner I guess this thing about the google+ button and the inserting of links is on the mobile site with Android?
    That is, both things seem to work fine on the PC here.



    I’ve added this post with wishes for getting more to add to the user profile from @icemangrins as well http://www.f1fanatic.co.uk/2011/10/05/introducing-f1-fanatics-community-mobile-features/comment-page-6/#comment-853108

    They do fall in the category of being quite a lot of work to get in there (or it would have to be in the form of a short freetext “this is me and these are my favourites” space)



    If there is an old, but still topical, article that a member updates, could that article be brought back to the front page. Example, I added a comment to article http://www.f1fanatic.co.uk/2011/09/29/2012-bahrain-grand-prix-twohour-limit-british-teams/ with news from the Gaurdian about the Bahraini Medics.



    The forum threads need a link to the last page rather than just the first page, I think.



    When browsing through comments and updates on people’s profiles and pages, there is a big white ‘report user’ button after every comment. It kind of clutters and makes the whole experience a little more hostile when at every oppurtunity there is a button to report someone :P

    I can’t say a lot else has bothered me enough however. This might just be me, but if anyone else has noticed it…?

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