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    I agree with @ed24f1 , the forum threads need to link to the alast page rather than the first one like the old forum did.

    Otherwise, I’m loving the new layout, and I have to say well done to all involved!



    So far, I’m absolutely loving the new ‘community’ aspect to the site. It really has added a whole new dimension and turned the site into not only a news/discussion source, but a place to hang out with friends. I have a few suggestions, however.

    The additions and increased functionality in the forum is fantastic, but the directory is perhaps a little too cluttered. Things such as the avatars of the people that last posted in a particular thread or started that thread are a little unnecessary and overall, build an illusion that it’s confusing and difficult to navigate. I’ll be honest; I loved the uniqueness of the smooth and seamless forum interface before the upgrade, and I believe it’s what made it so much better than most other F1 forums. It was just so simple to navigate and use.

    Secondly, the comments section on the main site is a little bit slower than before. When you click ‘Reply’, for example, the page refreshes rather than just bringing the comment box up to where you’re typing as before. I also firmly believe the site looked neater when the text that linked to other pages wasn’t underlined, but that’s only a minor problem I’ve noticed. The ‘Reply’ and ‘Report User’ buttons are also perhaps a little prominent, and looked neater beforehand when they were basic text.

    As for the homepage, I feel the “Active F1 Fanatics” and “Groups” sections in the sidebar are a little out of place, and would be better suited to the sidebar within the ‘community’ sections. For example, the homepage should have links to articles for easy navigation in the sidebar, but if you’re busy discussing your favourite drivers in the ‘social network’ parts, then “Active F1 Fanatics” and “Groups” should be displayed in the sidebar. Does that make sense?

    But if I’m completely honest, I preferred the layout of the forum, article/comment threads and the homepage in general before the upgrade. Basically, I think that perhaps the profiles and groups should have been an addition to the site, but actually under a different tab. What I mean is, everything should have remained the same or similar, with the ‘community’ enhancements being an addition. This is merely my opinion, and I’m sure there are many of you that disagree! I’m not suggesting you undo all of the work you’ve done, but I do feel a few things could do with some minor tweaking and tidying.

    Now a suggestion for a future addition; I believe the site needs a built-in photo viewer, so we can view the pictures uploaded in a slideshow sequence. It can become tiring when you want to open all of the pictures you see and end up crashing your browser! :P


    Fer no.65

    I second Damon Smedley. The forum hompage has a bit too much of everythng. The avatars specially aren’t too necessary.

    Other than that, I think this is fantastic. Brings a whole new dimension to the site, which makes it a lot more enjoyable every single time you enter. People can post updates on what they are thinking, and the others comment on that. It’s great.

    I noticed, thought, that if you try to use the @thingy so the guy gets a notification, you have to tipe not his username but something different. For example, if people try to reply me, they have to write @fer-no65 which isn’t my username exactly (Fer no.65). So I doubt I’ll be receiving many notifications on comments and so on… maybe there’s a way to fix that?


    We have now the possibility to mention which pilots we support, but when we sort friiends or people, it should be an option to sort them by that. As well, it should be shown in a small way next to our posts, who we suppport and the team we like. probably just VET or MAL like in F1 TV transmissions



    @bascb Nah, sorry, should have been clearer. If you look at the very bottom of the site, next to Keith’s picture, there are 5 different ‘Follow F1 Fanatic on:…’ buttons, the Google+ one is missing :)

    Not directly related to recent updates but just caught my eye @keithcollantine



    Ah, yes @andretanner now I see what you mean! Guess that got overlooked.



    The bar that came up at on the home page for each race was a handy way to access info easily, and I’d lake that to make a return. On the same note, does anybody know where I can see the TV times?

    And I agree about the forums linking to the last page.

    Otherwise fantastic.



    In profile, in the favourite teams and drivers section (shouldn’t it be favourite rather than favorite? :P), we could have some other things – favourite races, ex-drivers, tracks etc.

    @keithcollantine I’d very much like to add Chinese GP 2011, Brazilian GP 2008, Francois Cevert, Wolfgang von Trips, Monaco and Spa to my profile :)


    Keith Collantine

    @matt90 The front page ‘racebar’, as I call it, is back now.


    Younger Hamii

    What about giving us the Ability to Customise our Profile elements,including ;

    – Background
    – Bio Section
    – Other Website Links

    I love this whole revamp of this Website,I believe It has unified us more like a Community & given us wider opportunitiers to interact with others.



    @keithcollantine brilliant, it’s so convenient it would have been a shame if it had gone.




    I personally think that there should be more contrast in the background separating comments. As of right now I think the grey is too light and believe that making it darker would make the forum easier to read. Just my 2 cents.



    What about being friends with yourself or something like that? Just like Twitter and Facebook show one’s own posts on their timeline, I’d like to see mine here as well.



    @enigma I think that if you go to your own user profile and click on the “activity” tab, you get all your latest activities, meaning friendship status changes, posts in the comments an on the forum and personal updates.



    @bascb I realise that, it’d just be nice if it was on the same timeline, if that makes sense.

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