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    Keith Collantine

    I will use this thread to update a list of known problems with the site.

    F1 Fanatic Live Twitter app not working
    Mobile site scrolling incorrectly on some devices e.g. HTC Desire HD
    Avatar resizing has display glitch (but is working)
    Intermittent page loading delays
    Intermittent displays of wrong user name

    As ever if you have experienced a problem with this site, please follow these steps to report it. This is to ensure I have the maximum information possible in order to address any faults:

    Reporting a technical problem



    Sorry everyone. This Forum is no longer what I want. It’s too much like social media which for personal and professional reasons I will not use. I was happy to post and participate in the old F1 Fanatic because it did not communicate with the email address I registered. The new one sends many more messages there and it’s not what I feel comfortable with.
    Note to Keith: I’m sure that this will go well for you but it’s just not what I want to get involved with. So I’m going to withdraw and won’t post here any more.
    Good luck!



    @hounslowbusgarage you can turn the e-mail notifications off.

    As for the forum, I agree that it was better when it was easier to use.


    Keith Collantine

    @hounslowbusgarage All the email notifications can be turned off, just go to My account > Settings > Notifications

    This was a requirement when implementing the changes specifically because I knew some people would want it. I also mentioned it in the articles introducing the changes for the same reason.



    Keith, since the update the loading times have been quite long for me. I can live with it when it’s not too slow, but today it took me about 4 minutes to open all the new articles on the site (I think it was 8 pages or something like that), and it took obscenely long to open the pictures (I had to open one picture at time). My connection was fine, all other sites were opening at the usual speed and I even tried downloading something after trying to load the pictures, and the download went full-speed.

    As I said I can live with it, but I think I should let you know.



    Splendid idea, this. Maybe you could add something like ‘troubleticket-numbers’, so we can provide emails with that nr in subject



    Just reported via the technical problem/contact pages the “Data points not appearing when hovering over charts”, but for me it’s in all browsers (Firefox 7, Chromium 16, and IE 8).



    I was logged in as someone else yesterday. USMAN or someone. Briefly.



    If someone reply to someone’s comment then it will be the best that the ‘reply comment’ is notified to the user straight without adding ‘@’ in front of his name.



    @xxiinophobia yep, not working for me either.


    Keith Collantine

    @hatebreeder As it says above if you have a problem please submit a report.



    @keithcollantine, it happened only once and for a small period of time so i didn’t submit a report. If it happens again, i will.



    It won’t let me create a new topic at this current time.


    Keith Collantine

    @jt19 As it says above if you have a problem please submit a report.



    It’s not necessarily a problem, so I can’t submit a report, but it would handy to be able to access the last page of a thread from the forum homepage, like before, rather than having to click on the thread, taking you to the first page and then having to jump to the last page.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 223 total)

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