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    Keith Collantine

    A significant change to the home page has just gone live on the site. As you should see all the footers have disappeared from the bottom of the page.

    Some of the content which previously appeared here is now in a separate tabbed menu in the sidebar under the headings Comments, Predictions, Archive and Members. The other footer which included links to driver and team names is visible on pages other than the home page.

    The footers have gone from the home page to accommodate a change to the navigation. Now when you scroll to the bottom instead of having the option to click through to the previous ten articles they are loaded automatically. Scroll to the bottom again and the next ten are loaded, and so on.

    This has been done for a number of reasons, chief among which is that at times last year articles which went up early on a busy day could drop down two pages before the end of the day. With launch season and testing coming up soon there will hopefully be a lot more articles appearing on the site in the near future, making this feature especially useful. That is particularly true for the increasing number of people visiting the site on mobile devices.

    As usual there are a few other minor tweaks and bug fixes here and there. I’ve tested the alterations on several different devices and browsers but if you notice a problem on your system which isn’t described on this list please leave details below.

    If the site looks a bit strange to you it may be because you are still seeing a cached version of the old style sheet. Try performing a hard refresh (Ctrl-F5 on most browsers) to clear it.




    I would have loved if the comments section would also has the infinite scrolling mode..Is it in the planning or this mode is only for home page??
    Still,good changes to the site..


    Keith Collantine

    @jee1kimi Not at the moment but we’ll see.



    My browser (Opera) displayed the right bar on top of the articles, this can be fixed by clearing the cache and/or cookies.


    Keith Collantine

    @npf1 So it’s OK for you now?



    While infinite scrolling is neat, it’s definitely not always the *best* solution, particularly for mobile. Mobile browsers generally don’t cache a lot, and will reload whenever connectivity changes or gets lost. With pagination, the reload lands you back close to where you were. With an infinite scroll, you get dumped back to the beginning.

    Works excellently on a fixed line connection with a desktop browser, but very poor for mobile on any site I’ve ever encountered (tumblr, as an example, is basically unusable with infinite scroll).



    @keithcollantine Yes, it looks fine now. Opera is typically somewhat poor with infinite scroll, but I imagined this was a file problem rather than a browser problem.



    It looks to be functioning correctly on my end, and this is also on my work computer where most functionality is blocked or removed.

    As a previous Fanatic said, it’s great for desktop/home browsing, but ideally, it would still be broken up into pages for mobile browsing.



    :D Awesome job Kieth.



    Adverts no longer appear for me at all. I probably shouldn’t complain considering the number of noisy ads and ones which automatically go full screen that I’ve been getting recently, but I’d hate to see you lose revenue while I’m still too cheap to go ad-free.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    I do have one slight problem when browsing on a mobile: there are no margins, so the text is forced to the width of the browser window. It’s not unreadable, but it is a little awkward.



    I have a similar problem with the width, in normal mode, as the headings and the articles go under the adverts.



    @glue Have a Ctrl-F5. Fixed it for me. (Chrome/W7)


    @keithcollantine a little problem, when you log in and you open a link, sometimes you are asked to log in again.
    Another little thing is that when you logged in in the “old” web (previous to the tweaks), you could see a number in a circle if people mentioned you, now that number is always zero, but you have to open the top-right menu and find out if you have notifications (where the number is shown, but inside the menu). It’s not hard work I know, but the old version was more helpful, as you immediately knew if somebody had interacted with you.



    I am not sure if this is happening to all, but I am unable to see a search option in the forums.

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