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    I like @magnificent-geoffrey idea of creating groups for different nationalities. As portuguese people are concerned here in F1F, I can only see me and @portugoose here. Maybe the rest of us that are, from a country, much less than, for example, you there in the UK, could create a group called ‘F1 Fanatics from the Rest of the World’.



    @joao-pedro-cq, +1. I don’t know of any other Brazilians here tough, so I may feel very lonely in the group :-P



    I am not really a fan of going for nationalities groups. After all what good does it do?

    I mean, I am Dutch, but I live in the Czech republic. And to be honest, I wouldn’t really even be interesed in either a special Dutch nor a Czech group. Or take guys like @icthyes will he want to join the UK group (or rather English, if we go for nationalities, eh @ned-flanders) or get a greek group going, or even a Canadian for the place he liked to live?

    Only sense I can see, is to get a group going for meet ups at specific places to watch races or things like that (especially in countries with difficult/expensive access).


    Felipe Bomeny

    I’m Brazilian-born, and the son of two Brazilians, but I live in the U.S (yeah, the username is misleading). Personally, I agree with @joao-pedro-cq because I do think a Portuguese-speaking group would be great for me; I desperately need to improve my Portuguese!


    Keith Collantine

    Thanks for all the suggestions so far guys:

    GP3, Formula Renault 3.5, F3, Indy Lights – All these and ones for other series will come. I’ve just set one up for the Australian V8 Supercars series as it’s Bathurst tomorrow.

    World Endurance Championship – Use Endurance Racing

    F1 games championships – Use F1 Games

    We love KC – Appreciate the sentiment but not good for my ego. Besides, in order to be fair I’d also have to create a “We hate KC” group…

    Birthdays – I plan to handle this a different way (eventually).

    Music – Use Off-topic

    Nationalities / foreign language – As with birthdays I do plan to handle nationality in some way but I’m not sure Groups are the right way to do them just yet. As you know foreign languages aren’t catered for at present and I wouldn’t want to offer a foreign language community without also supplying foreign language content.



    Art / Drawings for all motorsport art.



    Karting would be nice.



    Not sure if I’m missing out on something major, but what exactly is the point of groups? Apart from making categories for forum topics, what else? What’s the advantage of joining a group?

    I agree that we need something for karting.



    I know that World Touring Car Championship (WTCC) isn’t very popular among the F1F members but I believe it deserves a seperate group anyway. I don’t watch every WTCC race but I’ve seen a couple of really good ones this year. Last weekend’s race 2 at Suzuka was great. It was fantastic to watch how “Major Tom” alias Tom Coronel was able to keep the quicker factory Chevrolet cars behind and how he celebrated the victory afterwards.


    Paul Oz

    Perhaps a motorsport art area? #selfservingbutstillagoodidea ;o)


    Keith Collantine

    A few new groups corrected, some of which were requested by @girts, @enigma, @nixon and @portugoose. I’ve prioritised those which still have races to run in 2011:

    Formula Three
    World Touring Car Championship (WTCC)
    Intercontinental Rally Challenge (IRC)



    Guess that last one was meant to be @portugoose, thanks Keith for the groups.


    Felipe Bomeny

    Thanks, Keith! I appreciate it.



    How about a group for Drag Racing?



    Do we have a MotoGP group?

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