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What do you think of F1Fanatic & this Community(Or Motorsport Community in general)

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    Younger Hamii

    Im not sure if this topic is allowed or might sound a bit critical but Guys im gonna come out with it.Personally & really honestly,What do you think of F1Fanatic now & the Motorsport Community?

    I know the majority of the answers would be positive although i would love to hear mixed opinions,which would mean potential improvements(there’s room for improvement everywhere,nothing’s perfect) What do you think Guys?




    I love F1f. It’s the only site with a real community feel but that’s not to say that I don’t get frustrated when repeated comments about users’ perspective and balance comes up because it infuriates me. The only other forum that has a big following I think is the Autosport ones but that’s a vile, vile place. Generally here everything is quite positive and friendly although the odd row tends to break out sometimes but that’s natural when a site is this popular.



    I’m with @steph on this one. I love this place, I really do.

    I’ve been on many, many forums in the past. Varying ones for the past decade at least. This is the only one where there is a strong community that is both welcoming and friendly. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a few fellow F1 Fanatic’s and I would love to meet more.

    My mates don’t really follow F1 much apart from the odd one or two and it’s great to be able to get my geek on here and it’s wonderful when that spills out of your social network life into your actual real life!

    The motorsport community as a while I find incredibly fascinating. I love exploring it more and I plan on getting more involved in other series next year. I’m learning so much all the time.


    Russell Gould

    This site is fantastic. (F1Fantastic?)

    There are lots of corporate and news release-rehashing postings elsewhere, but this site has people who pay attention and are passionate about motorsport. That’s something well beyond what I’ve found elsewhere.

    Good show, Keith! You’ve given fans a wonderful home — a home where you keep knocking down the walls and putting in suites of posh, new rooms. Very nice.

    Where else do you see fans sharing their own artwork? These are the real fans of Formula 1.

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