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2012/13 F1F Formula One PS3 Winter World Championship (Season 3)

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    @bradley13 just looked at my own video and it shows @sirspuddington turned in on me when i was going in a dead straight line on the striaght part of the 2nd long straight. will upload it soon. perhaps it will help.

    @jamiefranklinf1 sorry about that tangle, i wasnt out of control or anything but should have lifted a teeny bit.


    Harry Westwood

    @sato113 if you had read the previous posts then you would know the matter has already been resolved.



    Ok fair enough. But you say i turned in on you and that it wasnt entirely your fault. Thats just wrong, so im speaking up.


    Harry Westwood

    I have my penalty, there’s no point. I’m sorry about the acident, I am. Also @alfie sorry about our tangle too I now know I should’ve just braked



    @sato113 – I think it’s best to leave the incident for now, but I will say, that even from my view that it kind of looked like you had turned in on Harry, but obviously seeing the videos later changed my opinion. It’s easy to speculate before you have all of the evidence :P



    No problem @sirspuddington, just mightily annoying at the time as that was the second time I’d been pushed to the back of the field.


    Harry Westwood

    Ok guys, here are the results as of after round 6:
    1st Oli
    2nd Jamie
    3rd Tom
    4th Andrew
    5th George
    6th Bradley

    WDC (after round 6)
    1st Jamie – 48
    2nd Moussa – 28
    3rd Oli – 26
    4th Ahmed – 24
    5th Tom – 20
    6th George – 16
    7th Andrew – 13
    8th Alfie – 12
    9th John – 10
    10th Harry – 8
    11th Bradley – 6
    12th Theo – 4

    1st Lotus – 62
    2nd Ferrari – 38
    3rd Caterham – 30
    4th Red Bull Racing – 29
    5th Sauber – 24
    6th Mercedes – 20
    7th McLaren – 12
    8th Williams – 0

    Now for the Abu Dhabi results:
    1st Jamie
    2nd Harry
    3rd David
    4th Alfie
    5th George
    6th Theo
    7th Bradley (completed over 90%)

    WDC At the end of the season:
    1st @jamiefranklinf1 – 58
    2nd @moss-611 – 28
    3rd @olliekart – 26
    4th @afroholic – 24
    5th @raginginferno – 20 (higher than abbo on highest race finish)
    6th @abboracing – 20
    7th @alfie – 17
    8th Harry Westwood – 16
    9th @asanator – 13
    10th @brooksy007 – 10
    11th @bradley13 – 8
    12th @sato113 – 7
    13th @david-a – 6

    1st Lotus – 74
    2nd Ferrari – 41
    3rd Red Bull Racing – 33
    4th Caterham – 30
    5th Mercedes – 26
    6th McLaren – 25
    7th Sauber – 24
    8th Williams – 0

    There you have it guys, it’s official! I had uno spare momento :P congrats jamie and lotus on a crushing victory in the championships :)

Viewing 7 posts - 931 through 937 (of 937 total)

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