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As expected, drivers are using the game to learn about India.

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    From today’s press conference, thought it was pretty interesting; drivers used F1 2010 to try out Korea too :)

    Q: Rubens, you have said you have tried this circuit on your home simulator, whatever that is, so what was it like to drive on the home simulator?

    RB: I have actually built a small simulator at home as I am racing on the internet with different things which is great and I just adapt the circuit.

    FM: He is racing for seven hours a day.

    RB: He races for five-and-a-half. We meet each other on those games and he was the one that introduced it to me so that’s why I am there. My wife is pissed off at him, not me.

    FM: Mine too.

    RB: We definitely won’t end up being at the same house anyway without the wives. I try to adapt this Formula One game into India which was quite nice. I did 100 laps on it. You could see the elevation, turn three and the opening and so on, so it was quite nice. The team is looking forward to see as Pastor (Maldonado) has been on the Williams simulator with the track and there is a difference in time. The time that I set and the time that he sent and we want to see which one is better. He might go home to drive the Abu Dhabi one.

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