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Best non-F1 racing sim

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    Okay, we all like the various F1 games over the years, but I was wondering what our favourite non-F1 racing sim is. Only two criteria: 1) It can’t feature an F1 car and 2) it has to make some attempt at being realistic.

    I realise I’ve probably just struck a match in a petrol station, but it would be interesting to hear people’s thoughts.



    Not overly realistic, but I loved TOCA Race Driver 3, the sheer amount of tracks, championships and cars available was great, and the graphics etc. were good at the time too!

    I wish they would bring back games like this, with lots of tracks and cars to choose from rather than the same old rubbish like in the Shift series



    Most the best racing sims have an F1 car in, my choice would be GTR Evo though



    Yeah, I agree with @george, GTR Evo is great! In fact I think the whole of that “Race” series is brilliant, and massively underrated.


    GTR series is great and I’ve had some incredible immersive experiences racing on that game, but I think Papyrus’ NASCAR Racing 2003 must take the crown as the best non-F1 racing sim of all time.



    Somehow a couple years ago I got my hands on the first GTR game and that thing was a blast. I’ve seen some footage online of Evo and have really wanted to try that since it looks much more polished.



    I’ve got GTR Evolution and a few of the add-on packs and it’s a brilliant game, I too would nominate it for best non-F1 race sim.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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