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Codemasters confirm F1 2012 for September release

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    Keith Collantine

    Codemasters have confirmed F1 2012 will be released in September for X360, PS3 and PC.

    Among the new features will be a Young Driver Test mode.

    They’ve also released this new video to accompany the announcement:



    That sounds interesting.

    I love the Codies F1 games. A feature I’d like to see for 2012 would be atmosphere. The games feel so dry. The racing is fun and exciting at times, but strangely lonely, which just knocks them down a little.

    I miss commentary. Although I can see why they don’t add it, they really need to find a way to replicate the way commentary creates atmosphere. It’s something the engineer just can’t replicate.

    They have still failed on the “live the life” stuff. It does not feel like the paddock is alive or that you’re even a part of it. Reading the press clippings feels hollow as well.

    I’d love to see a BBC style “the chain” intro before a weekend kicks off. The panning shots with gentle music hits the wrong tone for me.

    Driving the cars is fantastic. More of the same there would be fine by me.



    They also need to rename their difficulty settings. People still call the game arcade like and easy (as that’s how it’s set up to start with), when you turn off all the driving aids they change their opinion.

    Rather than ‘Beginner’, “Intermediate’, and ‘Professional’ etc they should have presets of ‘Arcade’ or ‘Semi-Simulation’ and ‘Simulation’, along with ‘Custom’ with the AI levels set to ‘Beginner’, “Intermediate’, and ‘Professional’.

    It would clear up the confusion. You’d know if you select Arcade that you’re going to get an Arcade experience. If you select Simulation then you’ll have to race properly, even if the AI level is the same on both.


    I just hope that they do some proper bug-testing before releasing this game. F1 2011 was a great game that, like it’s predesessor, was let down by some really unfortunate bugs and glitches on release.



    Definitely. Although I’ve never found any horrendous bugs, the odd occasion when the AI drivers manage to cheat is a pain.

    With any luck their codebase should be in a better starting place this year (being the third game in the series). They probably refactored some areas for F1 2011 and with the next game any issues created from that should have been ironed out. I’m sure they’ll re-write some systems again for this year. It’s always the way. :D



    I’d also like to see more stats. They can’t use past cars, but they could push previous records at each track and the kind of records Vettel likes to try and beat. At least then we’ll have a sense of building on top of the history of the sport rather than participating in a fake world with no past.



    Ouch! I bet that hurt Webber (not that he will see this video) regarding the age of Schumacher, Barrichello and himself! :P

    This new mode sounds intriguing.

    Not being an F1 driver it’s of course difficult to truly know how the game feels versus reality, however, Codies are pro’s at making games and with the amount of processing power, resources and money available to you today it would just seem an absolute waste to not try and nail absolutely every detail.

    I know have a date when I should have achieved WDC and WCC in F1 2011. Best pull my finger out!



    I’d like to be able to change your game face so you can have your face under the helmet with the visor open. I missed the press conference from 2010. It would be great to have parc ferme celebrations with podium AND press conference. It should also be possible to have a few options that you can suggest to the engineer that you would like to improve on the setup and get some help from the engineer in choosing the right balance suited to you.



    doesnt anyone but me find it weird that the game comes out at or near the end of the season?
    Last year Keith said it was to get data to make it realistic.
    Ummm…Internet…. patches…install…update?
    The season starts in 10 hours.The 2012 season game should be ready.It reminds me of HRT.



    They need to sort out the on line play… everyone drives like idiots and shames into each other in the first corner. also the ability to join a session just before the race starts would also be good.



    It would be good if we had commentators, keeping the races exciting!


    Ryan Williams

    Things I’d like to see

    Greater customisation: It would make the game feel a bit more personalised. You could design your own helmet and driver appearance. This would also avoid the error in F1 2011 where female players would have to endure a career being referred to as “he” and with a man’s face.

    Better replays: It would be great if Codemasters used the FOM graphics in the replays and HUD, it adds a sense of realism & makes you feel like you’re watching a real race. I’d also like to see Codies try to use the proper TV camera angles during replays too. Another feature could be the ability to view from different drivers’ perspectives.

    Pre-race build-up: Instead of going straight from the pits to the start of the race, perhaps an interview on the grid, and a discussion with your engineer about race strategy and some tips for the start. This section of the pre-race would end with you getting into the car and the race would begin

    Jerez: If Codemasters are incorporating a Young Driver Test mode, they should include the most popular F1 testing circuit. You could do trials for teams at this circuit (Beat such-and-such a lap time/do 3 laps without crashing etc…). It seems like a much more realistic way to start the career mode.

    Post-race: After you win a race, perhaps a shot of you waving to the crowd with the FOM winners’ graphic at the bottom. The parc-ferme cut-scene should be kept from 2011. And lastly….

    Podiums!: If F1 Racing Championship (released 2000) can have a podium scene, so can F1 2012.

    P.S. I haven’t included things like driving physics as this is something that will be improved/changed anyway.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    I think Codemasters should take a leaf out of DIRT 3’s book an include some “party mode” games so that players can relax a little and have a bit of fun. In DIRT 3, these took place in the gymkhana arenas, so a straight adaptation isn’t possible. And I don’t think the licence with FOM would really allow for zombie tag, capture the flag, gate races and the infamous cat-and-mouse mode. But I still think it’s possible.

    I’d like to see a “slots mode”, myself. Before the game begins, a large slot machine with three tumblers appears on-screen. The first tumbler picks the circuit. The second picks the car. The third picks the conditions. The host of the game starts the tumblers spinning, and randomly picks a combination of car, circuit and conditions; for example, a Sauber at Hockenheim in the wet, or a Lotus at Bahrain in the dry.

    Everyone gets the same car with the same setup. When the game starts, everyone races for the line, and the first car across starts a countdown timer. All of the cars are ghosted, so there is no danger of hitting anyone, and all the ghosts are highly transparent so nobody inadvertenly blocks you. The idea of the game is that you have until the countdown timer runs out to beat a best time set by the developers, but you’re also racing against one another, and against the clock. As in qualifying, you are able to complete the lap you are on when the timer runs out. Everyone gets points/experience based on their results, with bonuses for beating the developer time and higher-ranked players.

    When the game returns to the lobby, the slots come up again. This time, the person who won the last round gets a “wildcard”. Once the three tumblers have picked out their combination, the winner can spin any one of the three tumblers again to get a new combination if he or she chooses to do so. So, if the tumblers come up with a Caterham at Singapore in the dry, but the winner doesn’t like the Caterham, then they can spin again and try to get something else, like a Williams. Of course, there is no control over the spins – it’s totally random.



    I haven’t played F1 2011 but am playing F1 2010. CUrrently in my 4th or 5th season. So I’m not sure if anything was fixed from 2010 to 2011 but here’s what I’d like to see for 2012.

    I think codies should take some tips from F1 CE (aka F1-2006 for ps3). and add some mini games. One thing I liked was the help with car setups during practice, and the parade lap before the race starts to warm up your tires and prepare your car for getting onto the grid.
    This mini game could be added into the safety car laps as well.

    More customization options, helmet, race suit. building your own team I think would be amazing.

    I would also like to see a statistics tracker especially if you’re doing a multi-season career.
    A lap chart like what’s done on this site would be amazing per race, per season, (so you can compare how you did from one season to the other), Multi-year team deals. Track fastest laps of race.

    You should be able to decide what type of R&D your team goes. (Of course depending on the team, only 1, 2, or 3 of the options should be available. Such as the big 3 would obviously get aggressive, where as HRT wouldn’t have the option of being aggressive R&D)

    Does anyone find it annoying if they do a long weekend and have to do the same R&D for all 3 practice sessions? That bug should be fixed.

    Having other tracks aside from the one of the current season, bringing other tracks maybe to be used outside of career mode or if you can create your own custom season “career mode”.

    How about a Herman Tilke mode where you can create your own track?

    More Replay options and being able to save the race and have different camera views where you’re able to watch a race from another perspective (ie. other racers onboard). Much like what’s done in GT5.

    @prisoner monkey I think that’s a great idea!

    @ryan like your idea’s too!



    The online experience could be improved, like having a count-down clock in the first page of the sessions once the host has kicked off the 30sec count down. It will save people trying to connect into a session that has already gone to racing mode.
    Some of the penalties you get online are very buggy. Like say when you try to avoid an accident in a corner you can get penalised for cutting a corner to overtake and hence a drive through penalty. And sometimes it won’t penalise someone for cutting the last corner to overtake you on the last lap – like Montreal.

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