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Codemasters F1 series poised to end?

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    I have connections to Codemasters through a family friend, they managed to get me F1 2012 for free so that was good, but they also mentioned when they said that they wanted to know when I could pick the game up that Codemasters is struggling financially in a major style, (on the verge of bankrupt), if this is true we could see the Codemasters F1 Series end, which I think would be a great shame, they are finally getting somewhere with the games now and we could once again lose F1 Games from the video game market, if this is true I really hope they get somebody to give them the money to keep them going as losing F1 would be a real shame, as well because it is the only thing I use my PS3 for too.



    I doubt it, to be honest – particularly with Grid2 in the near future. Besides, no doubt the studio and the rights would just be bought out by someone else, the F1 series must have been reasonably profitable to date.



    EA springs to mind as people who have the studios to make it and the budget to buy the rights.

    F1 2012 was a bit of a fail for me personally with so many things missing and Codemasters general attitude to game development and it is such a shame that Studio Liverpool are now closed.
    I really loved F1: Championship Edition and Formula 1 97



    I’m not surprised considering they (or sub-studios) developed three Formula 1 games this year: The Online Game, F1 2012 and Race Stars.



    A great shame for them, but I wouldn’t mind someone else having a crack at making a F1 game. CM killed the Dirt series for me, and while they have made quite good F1 games, it is still lacking massively in the technical department. Just like what happened when they took over Dirt. Its just too casual and too easy.



    Likewise, I’m in two minds about this. Codemasters have done a good job with the F1 series, but they ripped the heart out of the Colin McRae Rally series, and GRID 2 looks like doing the same for the Race Driver series.

    Anyway, if the F1 license is going elsewhere, I would love for it to go to the folks doing the WRC games (which are now worthy in their own right) or SimBin. I know that would never happen, but it’s nice to dream.



    I follow the games industry news fairly closely, and I haven’t seen or heard anything about this so far. I’d be very surprised if Codemasters went under at all, especially with big money licences like F1. They’re the UK’s biggest games developer and publisher, and I don’t think we’d see them go down without a fight, if at all.



    The reason why I have been told that they are struggling is because they have borrowed so much money in order to get the licenses, they are still making a profit but not enough to get them back on their ‘own’ profit and need substantial investment to get them back on track as at the moment it will be a slow journey back to making their own profit, and @ajokay the reason why you may not have heard of this is potentially because with game licenses being fought over they don’t wont to broadcast that they may be in trouble as this may prevent the licenses going to other companies like EA.



    licenses going to other companies like EA

    I would hate to see EA get the F1 licence. They make great games, but they clearly don’t give a sh*t about their customers. Also when there are bugs in their games, they never fix them!



    I would hate F1 going to EA too, they were just an example as they came to my head first.


    Keith Collantine


    I work in the games industry and Codemasters are known for letting entire teams go at the end of projects. They closed down their Guildford studio not too long ago.

    I’ve asked around and apparently it’s the F1 Race Stars team that has been given the push. Apparently there was no new project for them to move on to.



    F1 Race Stars came out in November which means the team was probably working on something new which has been cancelled before going into full production.



    @sircoolbeans It was always going to be hard to make a sequel for F1 Race Stars. It’s an arcade game which doesn’t need tweaking from year to year. That said, I wonder if they’ll still bother to make DLCs for it considering the development team is gone…



    race stars looks like a complete failure in a business sense. I wonder how much profit they made from it? £100 lol

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