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Codemasters readying online F1 game

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    from ‘Computer&VideoGames’:


    I wonder what it could be?

    Would be excellent if it was some kind of MMO F1 management game. Like Football Manager Live, but for F1.

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    I wonder what that means. service based online game…? Unless its some sort of real time race alongside the drivers? (there are some similar setups to this). I’d love a management game but I thought they were fairly unsuccessful hence there aren’t any :P



    double post



    just read on the official forums its a browser based mmo…so i guess it must be a management thing!



    Awwwwwww yeah!


    I cannot wait to establish ‘Magnificent Racing’, where I will then hire Vitaly Petrov for his money and then fire him for no reason.



    It could be like the management game called BATracer. Thats got all the f1 cars but with different names and sponsors. Mclaren is Mclewis and Mercedes is Menandez and so on. Thats quite fun and it costs nothing and the f1 2010 style cars are the first ones you unlock.



    @ Magnificent Geoffrey

    Hahaha you made me fall out of my chair! :D


    Please don’t sue.



    This sounds good!



    This definately sounds good. I just started playing BATracer, which MGP suggested. I really like it, I’ve never really played an F1 manager game properly, but its good fun. I don’t really have a clue what I’m doing but I’ve managed to qualify 6th in my first race with Reno (renault). However my team qualified last.

    Its a really good game as it runs the qualifying for you, as you just set up what you want to do before hand, such as car set up, and what kind of tyres you want to use for each run.

    I hope codemasters can follow this route, if its meant to be aimed at the wider audience then I’m guessing just simple set ups. I’m looking forward to it!



    How does that BATRacer work? is it against other human players, or against AI. The sports car and Le Mans series that it offers does interest me somewhat.



    It’s all against other human players. You start off with a choice of the 2010 F1 cars, or british touring cars.

    You then chose which team you’d like to join, either team up with someone, or become a team leader, and someone will join you.

    You have quite a good degree of customisation of your car with set up, as this is quite precise. It’s good, you only get a few practice laps to perfect your set up, and then you qualify.

    I think it takes 38 days to complete the 2010 season, and the best thing is, you don’t need to actively be at your screen to complete sessions, apart from practices and warm ups.

    Get on it aj!



    I’m on my second season of Batracer and after 2 races i’m leading the championship with 2 seconds. I qualified on fouth an pole but still can’t find the win, still in the third race my driver crashed in quali so im 24th on the grid :(. What is your username Smifaye because i’ll add you as a friend. You probably didn’t choose it for your first championship but in future use the driver characteristic ‘thinker’. It means you can run 100% risk in practice and get good setup all the time.

    Also, you do have to check it everyday or you’ll be sacked if you don’y login for 3 days.


    Nic Morley

    If you are looking for an online game where you can…

    – Create your own team and livery.

    – Sign your own drivers.

    – Sign team staff.

    – Sign supliers.

    – Develop and research the car.

    – Also enter BTCC and GP2.

    – Build up facilties.

    – Build up motorhome.

    – Be a part of a friendly and active comunity of players who are always willing to help you if you have any questions.

    – etc, etc, etc.

    I’ve been playing http://www.f1-tm.com since 2008 now and I have really grwon to enjoy the game, find myself logging in every day. Recently it had a new GUI implemented, which looks much cooler and easier to use then before. When you first sign up and may seem a bit confusing, but give it a try and ask for help, trust me you will like it.

    http://www.f1-tm.com :)

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