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    Hi all thought it would be useful to post their bugs here to see whether we experience the same bugs.I`ll start:

    Bug 1:On your contract it says x driver and then on the standings table it says y driver instead and there is no x driver.



    Is it a bug when, before you start the third or so race, the data becomes corrupted and you have to start again??

    This happened to me twice. I don’t play it anymore. Hmm….



    im sure this was discussed already in the f12010 thread.

    the latest patch fixed the bug spud is talking about too


    Ned Flanders

    The patch was supposed to fix the pitlane bug, but I still seem to have lots of long waits in the pitlane which is annoying



    and lets not forget the fuel bug when playing against the ‘A.I’…



    I’m playing it on PC and with the available mods, it’s actually rather fun to play and the bugs don’t bother me that much anymore (fuel consumption has been adressed by mods, that was really my biggest gripe).



    In multiplayer pit stops are usually more than 9 seconds.




    Pits are so annoying. After pushing so hard to get even a second gap, I’m help up for 20 seconds in the pit lane. So I tend to pit early or go primes. I tend to pit when I think the pitlane will be quiet and where its unlikely I’ll get held up.

    The fuel bug reappeared on my console the other day, or Trulli drove to an amazing third in China, I think it was Pit related, as he finished third there the season before too, and I know he didn’t pit then.



    My friend discovered a bug in Bahrain: between turns 17 and 18 there is a small exit on the right where in real life marshalls come out of. If you enter it, you will fall into nothing and have to restart your session.



    In practise and Qualifying, the AI drivers are either right up my gearbox, (so I let them past) or holding me up (so I overtake them, only for them to speed up again)… Do none of these other cars ever either quit riding me, or get out of my way?

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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