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F1 2011 Co-op Championship team-mate match up

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    Kind of like an odd match-making thing. Unfortunately, all my F1 fan friends are Xbox players, however I’m a PS3 man. So I’m looking for the perfect match for a team-mate on F1 2011 and if there are any others like me out there, just post some details about yourself and then get in touch with suitable matches.

    PS3 user
    UK based – play mostly from 10pm GMT onwards most days
    Legend AI – tend to slightly exceed objectives by a place or 2
    50% races
    Pad User – No assists other than automatic gears
    Preferable team – Mclaren or Force India (not really bothered though, happy with any)

    I think thats all the important stuff, look forward to hearing from any other lonely guys out there :P



    I’m afraid the CO-OP mode is bugged at the moment until codemasters release the next patch. The AI are currently ALWAYS on amateur difficulty during an online co-op championship. It’s been listed as a known bug that will be fixed. (within the next month maybe…)



    ah, didn’t know that, would have thought it would be a relatively easy fix though. Is that on all platforms? At least that will give me plenty of time to find a suitable team-mate



    I think it’s on all platforms. definately ps3 ‘for sure’. it’s an easy fix but it’s a fix they’ll include with all the other fixes. So don’t expect a patch/update too soon.



    It’s very good idea. Fortunately I have a close friend who play F1 2011 so I easily matched up with him. I’m PC user and we’re teamed as Red Bull. of course it’s the easiest way to defeat AIs!

    by the way, AI difficulty bug is real? We set them as Legend and they’re not blindingly fast but fast enough I think. I’m almost 2s faster than the fastest professional AIs in career mode with aids and 1s faster without aids even though I’m not used with manual gear yet.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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