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    Bradley Downton

    As i have read on RaceDepartment both DRS and KERS will feature in F1 2011. If the game is released in spetember however how will they know the activaition zones when the FIA wont have released them? Although some tracks are self explanatory, we may have some wrong choices.

    On another note Bahrain is still ebing included in the Calendar so we will have 20 tracks to race around, even if the real guys dont, but does this mean we also get Kubica instead of Heidfeld?



    We will get Heidfeld.



    I wonder how the tyres will work. Will F1 2011 feature yellow and silver tyres in the first 5 races and in Monaco have the other colours?


    I’m more worried about whether the 2011 game is going to have all of the features that it should have had the first time round. Things like a genuine AI system in qualifying, a proper replay system, brake marker boards that are genuinely the distance away from the corner they claim to be, no gear-change lag and the option to turn off the ghost car in Time Trial. And let’s not forget the countless bugs and glitches that plagued last year’s otherwise solid first attempt, they can’t surely produce another game with that amount of embarrassing errors again, can they?

    And if Codemasters don’t want to just phone it in this year and feel like throwing in a Safety Car dynamic, a free testing mode, an improved penalty system, an online race engineer, more helmet customisation options, proper FOM graphics and TV-style presentation and an actually challenging top difficulty level, I will be a very, very happy bunny indeed.

    Let’s hope they listen to the true fans on this one and don’t give us a watered-down version to cater to the casuals who will banish the game to their shelves within two months of its release.


    Bradley Downton

    The other thing i’ve been contemplating is why the FIA won allow them to put in a manager mode like thing where we can create our own teams and choose from a selcetion of F2/GP2/F2 drivers.

    I basically think they would… for a ‘small’ (by there standards, ‘large’ to everyone else) fee, because FIFA let whoever makes the footie games do it and thats a bigger sport in fairness even though im not a great fan, so surely they have more to lose.



    I agree with Magnificent Geoffrey on what he wants.

    The way I see it, they really wanted to nail the games engine for F1 2010 and have done so aside from a few glitches. It is a very basic approach to F1. However for 2011 they should have more resources, time and money to throw at all the other bits and bobs.

    I would like an improved pit-wall for F1 2011. There isn’t one so far!



    Codemasters needs to fix a few things like Timo Glock coming 9th in a race. They need to not make it the same 10 cars always making Q3. To make the game awesome, they need to add DRS, KERS, a safety car, all six of the new pirelli tyres, a warm up lap would be great and also a helmet costomizer. You should also be able to customize your face is carrear mode.

    I really do hope that codemasters puts all these things in the game.



    All I want to see is somebody other than Codemasters developing it. Give us a real sim, FIA!



    Codemasters can’t create a full on sim or they risk alienating casual fans. If you want a real sim, look elsewhere.



    I also think that f1 2011 should include a actual podium not just a lame press conference and after the race is finished, don’t go straight to the time board, but have a lap of celebration and stuff if u do well in the race.

    They should also have the racers on the grid preparing for the warm up lap.


    i know that this is all extremely hard to achieve but if they really do want to make the game a full sim, they need to include everything listed not only in this comment but also the ones above ^^^^^^



    Sorry, most of these posts should be in the F1 2011 wish list rather than here, where we can have some news. Not that there is any at the moment though.

    But, joseph23, thing is with engines blowing up and mechanical issues is, it is really unfair to have these things in the game. How could you implement it? It could only work if you were pushing the car too hard maybe and the brakes failed.


    Bradley Downton

    ok guys, there’s been a review: http://www.videogamer.com/xbox360/f1_2011/preview-3010.html.

    Looks good. Plus there’s a two player career mode and 24 onlineplayer :D, although 8 have to be AI.



    Bradley Downton

    another review: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2011-06-03-f1-2011-preview

    Some snippets from the above review:

    ‘the weaknesses of the car at their disposal will play a small but significant factor (meaning that, for what it’s worth, Red Bull’s KERS will prove unreliable, while the HRT will disintegrate if someone frowns in its direction).'<- LOL

    Regarding the Safety Car:

    Until, that is, the safety car intervened. It’s another feature that the die-hards have been screaming for, and it’s one that Codemasters Birmingham is paying serious attention to. There’s the challenge of making driving at quarter throttle exciting for the less dedicated players, but it’s one that the studio is searching for a solution to. It’s likely that its answer will be revealed later in the year.



    Sorry, but Bradley, these are previews not reviews. One letter different, but this makes a whole lot of difference.

    They haven’t played the game yet, so are merely talking with the Codemasters about it.

    It’s looking like they are addressing some of the key issues, I’m just hoping they will make the AI harder and more intelligent.

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