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    Right everyone. F1 2011 is about to be released and it’s looking like it’ll be one heck of a good game. 16 player online races with full 24 car grids, improved handling and AI models, full KERS and DRS implementation, an online co-op championship mode and the single most important feature to have ever been added to any racing game, ever: THE SAFETY CAR!

    As I have a bit of a hunch that this game is going to be rather popular amongst F1Fanatics all around the world, I thought we could use a place where we could all get together and discuss the game, sort out some casual racing, compare set ups, share race experiences and matchmake team mates for the Online Co-Op Championship mode. I think it would be best if we keep the league stuff to their own individual threads to avoid over saturating this thread with all of that, so consider this a general purpose F1 2011 thread with emphasis on the online community and having everyone join in the fun together.

    If you want to let us know what your details are so we can gauge who’s got what system and so you can see who you might be able to play with, feel free to post them at the top of your first post in this thread. Maybe if we all post our details like this:

    ‘Platform’ | ‘PSN/Gamertag’ | ‘Location’

    e.g. PS3 | MagnificentGeof | UK

    a kind and handsome moderator will be able to collect all the details together and edit them into this OP to make it easier for everyone to find other Fanatics to race with. Hope you all have fun ‘falling off cliffs’, making incredible DRS assisted passes around Valencia, occasionally forcing Bernd Maylander to do some work and looking, but never staring – it’s going to be lots of fun.

    Oh, and Damon, you best keep one eye on your mirrors this season – I’m coming for you.

    PlayStation 3 Players List:

    F1Fanatic Username | PSN Username | Location

    Magnificent Geoffrey | MagnificentGeof | UK

    f199player | f199player | UK

    olliekart | olliekart | UK

    TrueF1Grit | Kubica_ | UK

    Ratboy | Rattie87 | UK

    Silverkeg | Silverkeg | AUS

    shyguy1992 | Shyguy2008 | UK

    TommoTHFC | Tommo_N7 | UK

    Asanator | Asanator | UK

    jonnyw360f1 | jonnyw360f1 | UK

    Bradley13 | bradley1314 | UK

    iamsa8 | iamsa8 | AUS

    ed24f1 | ed24f1 | AUS

    Damon Smedley |d_smed2311 | AUS

    lamo2741 | lamo2741 | UK

    vho | Heart_Muscle | AUS

    slr | slrmm | UK

    Juan Pablo Heidfeld | Toon_Paco | UK

    XBOX 360 Players List:

    F1Fanatic Username | XBL Gamertag | Location

    TommyB89 | STR TommyB | UK

    daykind | Spearkofi | UK

    smifaye | Smifaye | UK

    miketbh | miketbh | UK

    TheWittyWeasel | sovietwookie | UK

    PC Players List:

    F1Fanatic Username | GFWL Username | Location

    Prisoner Monkeys | PrisonerMonkeys | AUS



    PS3 f199player UK

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=icyrRuwosqY I’m practicing my race restarts: one successful, one terrible


    Oli Peacock

    good idea Mag, now i know why ‘Docretes’ has been offline for so may days! Anyway PS3 olliekart UK Im looking for a Co-Op teammate im regulary on from about 5pm on weekdays and all day weekends im not bothered what car though



    XB360 | STR TommyB | UK



    PS3 | Kubica_ | UK



    PS3 – Rattie87 – UK



    XB360 | Spearkofi | UK



    PS3 | Silverkeg | Australia

    This game may prove the downfall of my year 12 studies



    PS3 – Shyguy2008 – UK


    Prisoner Monkeys

    I’m still not sure if I’ll get it – I might wait a week or two to see if the game has any terminal glitches – but if I do, here are my details:

    PC | PrisonerMonkeys | AUS

    @ Silverkeg – as a high school teacher, I have to say: don’t let it take control of your life. Believe me, you’ll regret it. I was a problem gamer when I was in high school, so I know what it’s like to let your marks slide because you were too busy playing video games.



    Xbox 360 | Smifaye | UK



    Nice thread Mag :)

    PS3 | Tommo_N7 | UK

    Changed my PSN, cba with the grief I got being a spurs afn :L



    I’m curious how the safety car will work. I’m guessing you’ll be restricted automatically from driving at full pace / off the racing line but I want to see what happens if you hit the safety car!

    I do proper racing as well.

    XB360 | miketbh | UK



    PS3 | Asanator | UK



    I read that the safety car can be deployed in online racing. How will this work if we have no AI drivers driving as most people don’t tend to use them? Because surely we are going to need a mega crash to have the safety car out. Maybe if a car breaks down in the middle of the track but otherwise I can’t think when you could have a crash that needs it.

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