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F1 2011 preorder?

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    Hey folks!

    Does anyone know where I can pre order F1 2011 so that it will ship to me in Singapore on launch day? Or maybe a downloadable copy; I purchased F1 2010 as a downloadable so I got it within hours of my credit card details being keyed in.



    If you’re on PC, which I’m assuming you are from you mentioning downloads, I know you can buy and download the game right now using Steam and the game will activate itself on release day in your region.



    Oh? Really? Is Steam free? Sorry, not much of a gamer so I’m not 100% familiar with the world of gaming.


    No idea I’m afraid. I’m a console gir-erm, man. I know it’s quite popular so I’d say go to their website and check it out.



    A bit off-topic, but the day after it comes out, i’m trading in F1 2010 and getting F1 2011 for 20.



    @ell – what shop/site is that at?



    What Daykind said :P


    Steam is completley free – google it, then sign up and download the client (application in normal terms). then click the “store” tab, search for f1 2011 and pre-download, ready to just activate it one release day.

    what i’m doing is trading in some games at GAME. I’ve got 28 for 3 games so it will cost me 12, and i’ll just drive over there after school on friday. (hooray for passing my test :P)


    Right, some links for you as regards to Steam:

    http://store.steampowered.com/about/ download it from here

    http://store.steampowered.com/app/44360/ that’s the actual game :D



    Weasel; just signed up for a Steam account, thanks. I’ve searched the steam website store though and F1 2011 isn’t anywhere to be seen?


    i linked it for you above. the link provided on there should automatically put you through to the deskptop application :D




    Not only will it be cheaper than most but you’ll also get it at least a day early, sometimes more like two or three.


    Craig Woollard

    GAME you can, I haven’t got any money atm but I’m sure I can dip into my overdraft when it does come out…



    Readers in North America can pre-order from Gamestop right now. I just did a couple of hours ago. Super excited for Tuesday!


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Oh? Really? Is Steam free?

    Why would Steam be free? It would driver developers out of business as people get games for nothing.

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