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F1 2011: What do you want to know?


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    Keith Collantine

    I’m working on the F1 2011 review which will be on the site soon.

    If there’s anything you want to know about the game, post your questions below and I’ll try to cover them in the review.

    See these earlier articles for more on the game:

    F1 2011 Codemasters F1 sequel played

    Safety car deployed in Codemasters F1 2011



    hi keith

    Are there any type of mechanical faluires in the game and how do you trigger them,

    thanks very much



    Does the AI suffer with cold tyres at the start of the race/pit stop?




    In Qualifying, is it an actual benefit to do a cool down lap?


    I’ve heard that while the AI has been improved and wet weather conditions have been made more difficult to drive in, the AI drivers have far better traction in the wet than the player does on the higher difficulties, resulting is a major difficulty imbalance.

    Could they comment on that and clarify whether this is how things are intended to be in order to add to the challenge or is this a possible AI balancing issue?

    This is literally the only issue I have seen anyone having with the game so far though, and it really wouldn’t be that big of a deal to me even if that is the case.



    Is the CO OP Champion available online or on the same console only?


    lukaskhan – Co-Op Championship is only available online and not available for local multiplayer.



    Have the crashes been improved? They are quit static in f12010.

    They have a better crash realism in race driver grid (from codemasters).

    How is the new suspension handling?

    It seems an important factor in the game. With better ability to take curbs and recover slides.

    That sounds great fun :)



    Is the 107% rule in the game?



    If you’re defending a position and weave about to block the car behind, can you get a penalty?

    If you’re leading and slam the brakes, causing the chasing car to hit you, who gets penalised?

    Can you share setups?



    Why does the UK get the game last when we have the biggest F1 fan base?



    Is the driving model as realistic as some describe? I mean, would you categorize it more as a simulator or as game? Is it closer to Forza Motorsport or to Dirt3?



    to what extent is the weather truly ‘dynamic’?



    regarding the pc version:

    does the game have better support for game controllers? i’m using a logitech f710 and the best results i can get are pretty disappointing.

    xbox mode – the steering is extremely slow, no improvement from the options sliders.

    directx mode – the steering is very quick, but there is no function in the menus (keyboard only).

    i’m sure mouse support will never happen, nor will being GFWL-free.



    “Why does the UK get the game last when we have the biggest F1 fan base?”

    in this age, why does anyone get any media last?


    fan percentage doesn’t matter, sales volume does.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 51 total)

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