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F1 2011 Xbox 360 Championship

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    Hi All,

    I know this is a little early as the game isn’t even out yet, but I’m going to be running an F1 2011 championship for the Xbox 360. Quite a few of you F1Fanatics already know about a little racing club we have got going (so we don’t clog up Keith’s fantastic forum), it’s called Really Rubbish Racing, and it even has it’s own website and forum:


    We have already done one season on Forza 3 for xbox 360 and are looking to expand into the F1 games.

    We all met on F1Fanatic and it is a really fun little club. So if you are planning on getting F1 2011 for the xbox 360 and want to test your Really Rubbish Racing skills then join up. You can find details here:


    Register your interest on here, and then head over to the site!

    Cheers F1Fanatics!


    Oscar Becker

    Well, I am interested, but I don’t have xbox live gold at the moment, or a steering wheel. Anyway, if I get those two things, I’m in for sure!



    Well I am really rubbish so this sounds perfect!



    Awesome! Well you dont need a steering wheel but you will need xbox live. Can you both join up to the forum i you’ve not already done so. Cheers and welcome aboard



    I’ll be joining in if I get the game. Although that’s a fairly big if.



    I’d love it! Hopefully I’ll get the game for my birthday in October…



    Well (speaking I think on behalf of Ajokay and Smifaye) we’d love you to join so please register onto the website http://www.reallyrubbishracing.co.uk and sign up if you get it.

    Dayking, you are one F1 Fanatic person I wanted to race in the UF1FF12010X360C (if you remember you were a founding driver) but then had to pull out due to xbox trouble.



    Daykind, welcome aboard. Please sign up to the wiki and the forum.

    Everybody, there are still 7 places left at the moment. With F1 2011 allowing 16 drivers, this means team mates! Team mates are preferred, so if you join, try and join up with another driver. That way you can share set ups etc.



    Right, I’ve signed up to the forum.



    Hi, I’m very keen to join an F1 2011 championship, I’ve already pre-ordered the game. I’ve signed up to your ‘really rubbish racing’ forum. I think I definitely fit that description.



    Great stuff shadow! Please find the f1 championship under special events and let us know what team you want to be and i’ll add you to the wiki


    Antony Butler

    Im pretty interested, i cant commit to weekend mornings though, i work sat/sun mornings. I can do the wednesdays though.



    I would like to get involved. I have pre-ordered F1 2011 cant wait



    Wednesdays would be better for me as well.



    How do I sign up for the wiki?

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 28 total)

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