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F1 2012 Driving School – PS3

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    I don’t know how many people on here play F1 2012, or whether or how many assists those of you who do play, use.
    Personally, I want to learn to play without any assists, so that I’m as good as (or better than) I am now.

    So, as I have some time off, I thought it would be good to get a ‘school’ going for those of you who wish to do the same. It would consist of sessions online in equal cars at various pre-proposed dates and times for qualifying and a race, though the results wouldn’t matter, as you’d really be competing against yourself, but a competitive environment never really hurt.

    Set yourself a target, and then try to beat it, that’s the goal :)

    I, myself, currently race with:

    Braking assist – Off
    TC – On
    ABS – On
    Driving line – On/Off (Depends on the track or how I feel)
    Gears – Manual

    If anyone here doesn’t use assists and wants to help people, then they can join in too and teach others :)

    I also want to try and use my DFGT, because I can’t get the hang of it on 2012. But anyway, post here if you want to join in, and tell me your preferred tracks and dates of availability.



    Ironically, I’ve been thinking about something like this for a while too. I think this is a great idea!

    I use a G27 with Playseat.
    Brake Assist – off
    TC – off
    ABS – Off
    Driving Line – On (3D)
    Gears – Manual & suggested
    Difficulty – Professional

    I tend to lock my front tires alot even with the brake balance set to rear. So any help would be great, especially with car set-up.

    As for schedules and availability, usually I’m free in the evenings and some weekends.
    Don’t necessarily have a preferred track.

    But I can try and help any way I can also.

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