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    To those of you wondering about #F12012, make sure to check back here tomorrow afternoon for some exciting news :) This was tweeted a few hours ago and I haven’t seen a thread about it. Just wondering what kind of things you would like to see in it? I personally would love to see a classic GP mode (which they have mentioned doing before) with the early 90’s cars of the likes of Mansell, Prost and Senna. I would also like to see AI that committed more, so as to make for less processions and more racing.

    1st Video



    As for the AI, I think it needs to get more real. On F1 2011 they would only crash if I crashed into them! And the penalty system needs to be revised.



    they need to bring in more tracks from the past that you can race online and in non championship events



    @JpedroCQF1 I actually feel the AI isn’t too bad – in F1 2011 sometimes towards the ends of stints I can see the AI getting understeer on entry or power oversteer on the exits – they do make those small mistakes.

    I’d personally like to see visible upgrades – and giving the player (if he is the designated lead driver) the ability to choose upgrade paths – ie you can choose to develop a car with more front downforce; or rear stability etc. Right now all I see is we’re being fed how “aggressive” the development is.



    The AI still needs work. On one hand they’re often far too aggressive when trying to overtake, but on the other hand they’re really terrible as defensive driving.

    Also at starts, particularly in the braking zone for the first corner, they make FAR to much contact with each other. The front few runners seem to brake far to early, and then the rest of the field pile into each other. This definitely needs to be fixed.



    All I’d like to see is the penalty system being fixed, and for a action replay function to be put into the game, so we can review games which are played online. The AI is not really a problem for me considering I’m not very good anyway. :P



    A replay mode where we can watch our races back, both online and offline. The safety car also needs to be improved, firstly it needs to be out for varying amounts of laps rather than just three every single time. Also AI drivers should actually make more of an effort to get out of the way when being lapped.



    Definitely agree with Slr on a full replay mode possible with editing options and the ability to upload online.

    Better AI who don’t break far too early:

    A better penalty system, and the ability to give back a place before being given a penalty if you overtake illegally.

    Parade lap (Tyre sim mode) which forces you to heat up your tyres and also means there’s a much bigger variation in terms of traction off the line.

    For Xbox 360: More achievements like the ‘is Jenson going to pass or not’ Such as getting 15 pole positions in a row (Doing a Vettel) Ect.



    My remotely realistic wish: scenario mode, Codemasters releases it late enough into the season that they could do it

    My absolutely unrealistic wish: Lower. The. System. Require. Ments. For. The. Love. Of. HWNSNBM. AAARGH!



    Well it has now been announced so let’s hope for a trailer or something soon.



    Keith started a new topic with the announcement of the new game, so discussion can continue there.

    Maybe one of the F1 Games group’s mods could close this.

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