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    @raymondu999 I’m not actually talking about the game to be honest, because as I stated earlier I haven’t played it enough to know about the setups and effects of switching the brake bias. I was talking about real life and that one of the reasons for moving the brake bias rearwards, would be to use trail braking.

    No need to worry about being too harsh – at least I learnt something new. The thing is that I have heard it from various sources. What I meant by without ABS was actually an experiment where a car arrived at a point at the same speed and the driver just hit the brakes as hard as possible. With ABS disabled and all four wheels locked the car stopped earlier than with the ABS engaged. Maybe it was some combination of tyres, road surface, weather conditions and possibly the qulity of given ABS system that lead to this particular result. I think that it is just a common misconception then.

    As a side note on ice for an emergency situation without ABS it is safest to hit the brakes as hard as possible, because locking some of your wheels will send you into a spin while locking all four you lose control but you move in a generally straight line and have the ability to regain control by letting go of the brakes and pressing the clutch.



    Codemasters have stated a few times that the ‘baseline’ set up for the car varies track by track, so the exact same set up would be different from track to another. This is why the set ups are measured in arbitrary, undefined units, rather than downforce in lbs or N or ride height in inches/cm.

    They’ve not said whether this applies to brake bias, or if it doesn’t then how much it varies. The way brake bias is presented implies that it is a simple percentage balance, but that probably isn’t the case :)



    @graham228221 yes, they do seem to have a baseline already set for each circuit. Hard to say with the brake bias though isn’t it? them using exact numbers and a percentage for front-rear ratio heavily implies actual setup figures (and not relative to a baseline)



    In my view: clutch open = the peadal fully pushed = engine not able to transmit power to the axle.

    And the other thing, I know it would be better to carfully apply throttle mid corner, but on keyboard you either have full throttle or none :/



    @bag0 yes, that’s what I meant. Heel-toe downshifting isn’t exactly accelerator + braking together in practice – you’re doing one to the engine and one to the actual axle. My wording on this is somewhat clumsy, but yeah

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