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    Prisoner Monkeys

    Pardon me if this has already been created. I searched, but I couldn’t find it. This thread basically does exactly what it says on the tin: what new features would you like to see Codemasters introduce for F1 2012?

    Here’s one of mine: Legendary Achievements

    Playing DIRT 3 – particularly online – I picked up on two things very quickly: the achievements weren’t very challenging, and the rewards were very easy to earn. Any idiot (and I ran into a fair few of them, some of them who even ran into me on purpose) could get them. So I think that Codemasters could address this in a way that players could really show off their talent online.

    I call them “Legendary Achievements”, an extra set of thirty-two acheivements that can only be unlocked in hardcore mode – full-length races, expert AI, proper tyre and fuel simulations, full weather and so on. Each achievement reflects the exploits of a real-life World Champion, and successfully completing it unlocks that driver’s helmet design, which you can use online. Of course, it’s not going to be a walk in the park – hardcore mode is just the beginning of it. For example, to unlock Ayrton Senna’s helmet, the player will need to qualify on pole eight for eight consecutive races, thereby equalling Senna’s record. To unlock Prost’s, the player will need to win the World Championship without winning a race, reflecting Prost’s tendency to do exactly what was required of him to secure the title. To unlock Michael Schumacher’s 1994-2006 helmet, the player must win the World Championship before 70% of the season has been completed, mirroring Schumacher’s 2002 title, when he won the championship after 11 of 17 races (roughly 64% of the season). To unlock Jenson Button’s yellow and black JB helmet that he wore in 2009, the player will have to complete the season without doing any research and development, since Button drove the Brawn BGP-001 in every practice session, qualifying session and race of the 2009 season (most drivers switch a chassis several times in the season). The idea is that there are thirty-two extremely difficult challenges for the player to complete in hardcore mode, with the rewards serving as a badge of honour so that other players know just how good you are. Hopefully, this will also stretch out the lifetime of the game as players will need several seasons (but not thirty-two) to unlock all of the helmets.

    Anyway, what kind of new features would you like to see in the game?



    Link to duplicate thread which is being used for the same purpose http://www.f1fanatic.co.uk/groups/f1-games/forum/topic/codemasters-confirm-f1-2012-for-september-release
    Maybe a moderator could close this one


    Prisoner Monkeys

    I see no need to close this thread. That thread was created to discuss the launch date of F1 2012. If it was used for a wish list – and I know I used it for that purpose – then it was used incorrectly. This thread is much clearer in its intend and purpose.


    I would really like to see a properly bug-tested game before initial release. I’m not going to buy the game straight away again if Codemasters give us a glitchy mess on release like they have done for the first two years.

    One thing I’d like is a proper replay system. One that allows you to swap between multiple cars, cycle through all the views, have a more realistic ‘TV camera’ view to watch races from a more realistic broadcast perspective and have the ability to save replays, both on and offline. You know, like every other racing game, ever?

    Speaking of online, I’d really like the option as a race host to be able to invite players into a private race session when it has already been launched out of the lobby. We had a couple of occassions during the Collantine Cup (but literally only a couple) where we had players disconnect from qualifying and they couldn’t get back in, despite being online. That made things difficult because that meant they missed out on a race through no fault of their own. If we could invite players back into sessions after it had already launched, we could easily finish qualifying, invite them back into the session and they could start the race from the back of the grid. Easy. They already allow you to join open ‘public’ sessions after launch, so why not private sessions?



    Agree with MG. Codemasters needs to make sure they’ve fixed any bugs prior to release, and also give us a proper replay system. It defies belief that for the past two games we’ve been unable to save replays, either on or offline.

    I don’t really care for the “Young Driver mode” (or whatever it is)- I just want a more polished game that works like it should.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    I don’t really care for the “Young Driver mode” (or whatever it is)

    It’s meant to be a tutorial mode to get new players up to speed faster by teaching them the basics of racing the cars. After all, F1 2011 had one of the steepest learning curves I’ve ever seen in a video game. It certainly sounds useful; in the brief four-day period that I had F1 2011, I went from being twelve and a half seconds per lap slower than everyone else to being just twelve seconds per lap slower than everyone else.




    Yes it might be useful to certain people, but I can’t help thinking it’s just something else to distract Codemasters from getting what they already have right. Both of the previous games were riddled with bugs, and two games in we still don’t have a proper replay system. The “live the life” element of Career mode still isn’t quite right, and as MG said, neither is the online multiplayer. I’d much rather see Codemasters working on fixing this than adding new stuff, which inevitably they won’t get right at first anyway.

    If they’re going to work on new things, how about a proper damage system? At the moment damage is limited to to knocking a front wing off, which is ridiculous. I know this is at least partly because of various licencing issues with FOM, but surely Codemasters can do better. You can bash wheels with another car as much as you want, and there isn’t even proper collision simulation, let along damage simulation.



    @prisoner_monkeys , That is a brilliant idea! Definitely something they should consider. As for the rest of the comments I agree with them too.



    Brilliant idea @prisoner-monkeys – absolutely brilliant. Love it.

    Other than that; I’d love visible upgrades, though it’s not likely to appear. I’d love to actually be able to give technical feedback – tell the team, “i want the car to have less drag at the rear,” or “it needs better low speed traction,” or “it needs a stronger front under braking,” so you can actually affect what kind of upgrade path your car takes.

    I’d also love the ability to save replays – and also a pole lap onboard vid a la FOM.

    I’d love to have the option to choose a current driver’s helmet too!



    If anyone has played F1 championship Edition i would love commentary back. Also classic cars such as MP4/4 and F2004 would be awesome



    they need to improve the safety car situation, the AI rarely collide with each other so it makes the SC a completely useless feature anyway, they say red flags featured in F1 2011, well I never saw it again as the AI just dont crash.
    commentary takes a lot of effort to make it sound good, if they get it wrong it’ll sound like this


    Prisoner Monkeys

    There are two problems with commentary:

    1) It’s very difficult to be specific about things


    2) It’s just distracting in the middle of a race



    commentary takes a lot of effort to make it sound good, if they get it wrong it’ll sound like this

    @ratboy – “You’re right there Murray.”



    I’d like to see the ability to carry profiles over from previous games for example.. If you’re driving for mclaren on F1 2011 you will already be driving for mclaren on F1 2012. I hate having to start from scratch in every game!


    Prisoner Monkeys

    @nemo87 – But that just makes the game too easy. The idea behind career mode is that you work your way up from the back of the grid to the front. Stating career mode in the best car just wipes out 75% of the game. Especially since most of the content between F1 2011 and F1 2012 will be the same. After all, what is really new for 2012? The addition of the Circuit of the Americas, Hockenheim and Bahrain, and the rule changes banning off-throttle blown diffusers are it, really. The core gameplay mechanics don’t change.

    Perhaps the career mode could instead have a carry-over that gives you a few extra options but without unlocking everything from the start. The Gran Turismo games did this, giving players the ability to transfer a save from a previous game over. They would then clear most of the licence tests and have 100,000 in the bank so that they could get straight into the gameplay. F1 2012 could do something similar by giving the player access to more teams at the start (ie, Toro Rosso and Williams in addition to Caterham, Marussia and HRT), and/or by making the team objectives easier to complete so that experienced players can move up the grid a little faster than they would normally.

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