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F1 2012 with keyboard

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    I have a copy of F1 2012 in my Steam inventory, but I want to know beforehand…how many people here play it with keyboard?

    My PC is not really a gaming PC and my last console was a PS2, so I don’t have a controller at hand.

    I am fully aware a controller is by far the better option, but has anyone been able to play F1 2012 competitively with a keyboard?




    It’s incredibly difficult and for all intensive purposes I recommend you get a controller of some sort.



    Maybe they’ve changed the mechanics a bit since F1 2010, but I don’t imagine so. I played F1 2010 with a keyboard for a while, but the thing is; you have less control over throttle, brakes and steering. You can barely hit an apex, as you immediately head towards steering lock and the center once you let go of the key. Throttle is another issue; you put your foot down every time you press the key, so you’re much more likely to spin (even with TC on). Brakes the same thing, you’re more likely to lock up or have to do the ’emergency brake’ procedure and pump with the key.

    The old Grand Prix games had a sort of ‘automatic steering aid’ that worked even without the more pronounced drivers aids; so you could easily play with a keyboard and still hit the apex, instead of hitting steering lock.

    I got myself a gamepad and my times improved by seconds on every track.



    Thanks guys. I thought as much.

    I’m an F1 game veteran, clocking up over 1000 hours in F1 06 alone on my PS2 back in the day.

    I did get Grid a couple of months back, and I could clearly see how a keyboard was hindering me. It is true the car gets into spins and apexes are very hit-and-miss due to the 1-0 nature of the keyboard.

    Also, for heck’s sake I installed the F1 demo and while it seemed like I could get into the midfield on Normal in Monza, it was painful and I was nowhere near hitting the apexes nor able to have any decent control of my car going into Ascari.

    Cheers :)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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