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    I’m playing as Rubens Barrichello and I’m doing the full season on F1 99 on the playstation

    Full Laps
    Damage on
    Failures on
    Fuel use on
    Tyre wear on
    Pit lane speed limiter Manuel
    Clutch Manuel
    Flags, rules and Safety Car on full



    1999 Australian GP
    Qualifying gave an unusual grid with myself being on pole by 7 tenths from Alesi with Frentzen and Hill behind. Zanardi was 5th followed by Michael Schumacher and the two McLaren’s
    Both the Jordan’s got brilliant starts and lead, going into turn 6 I tried passing Hill only to hit his rear and spin, followed by Alesi hitting me and damaging my rear wing. After my pit stop I rejoined in 18th. I was passing one or two cars a lap until I reached Jacque Villeneuve and Ralf Schumacher where we were nose to tail until they pitted on lap 28. Lap 42 I pitted and came out just behind Ralf in 5th place, which then became 4th when Hill retired. With around 10 laps to go i passed Ralf and began to pull away until the final lap i realised i didn’t have enough fuel to make the final lap, i came in for a splash and dash and carried on to finish 4th
    1. Coulthard 1:21:22.999
    2. Frentzen +7.816
    3. R Schumacher +30.574
    4. Barrichello +46.294
    5. Gene +2 laps
    6. Alesi +1 lap

    (Yes you did read that right, the game gave Gene 5th)

    8 cars finished

    Drivers Championship
    1. Coulthard 10 points
    2. Frentzen 6 points
    3. R Schumacher 4 points
    4. Barrichello 3 points
    5. Gene 2 points
    6. Alesi 1 point



    Cool theres a clutch in F1 99? that sounds great..hopefully codemasters put that in an upcoming F1 game..




    Yeah hold L2 and R2 at the same time at the start, but don’t realease too early or you will jump the start



    1999 Brazilian GP

    This race was an amazing race, by far the best i’ve ever been in. I was on Pole by less than a tenth from Michael then the Jordan’s, Irvine and the Mclaren’s. I got a good start and just kept Michael behind me going into the first few turns. Over the next 15 laps I kept Michael behind, whist pulling away from Hill and the Mclaren’s. Lap 19 Michael tries around the outside into turn 1 and a bit of wheel banging through turns 2 and 3, Michael is on the outside going into turn 4 and I run wide and Michael is through into the lead. Further around the we come across a group of backmarkers and I pass Michael into turn 9. Lap 30 I find the two Mclaren’s on our tails on the pit straight and both of them passed the pair of us. (like Hakkinen on Schumacher Belgium 2000) and Michael passes me into turn 4 and going up the pits straight Hill passes me but as he does his engine starts smoking. As head into the next lap the Safety Car comes out, so I decide to pit early and join at the back of the queue. But everyone passes the Safety Car (glitch that only happens at Brazil and Britain) but anyway my early pitstop jumped me back into the lead and I held a gap of around 10 seconds until the Mclaren’s started to gain by a second a lap, and with a few laps left Diniz held me up badly, so I had Hakkinen on my back until the final lap where he passed me into turn 1 and then Coulthard passed me on the back straight. Going into turn 4 I try to pass on the inside, where we collide and let Schumcher through. Hakkinen wins, Michael second and as Coulthard is about to take third his car slows and I go through to get third
    71 laps
    1. Hakkinen 1:24:46.754
    2. M Schumacher +8.628
    3. Barrichello +22.043
    4. Coulthard +23.237
    5. Irvine +52.559
    6. Zanardi +1 lap

    Drivers championship

    1. Coulthard 13 points
    2. Hakkinen 10 points
    3. Barrichello 7 points
    4. Frentzen 6 points
    5. M Schumacher 6 points
    6. R Schumacher 4 points



    Wow what a race @f199player ..its great to hear how you’re getting on in the 99′ game..:)




    I wish that I did film that race, I doubt anything will beat that.

    I’ done the San Marino race about a week ago and i’ll do Monaco tomorrow



    1999 San Marino GP
    I qualified on pole by an amazing 6 seconds from Ralf Schumacher, Frentzen, the Ferrari’s and Zanardi. The Mclaren’s were in 11th and 12th.
    I kept the lead in to the first corner and was pulling away at several seconds a lap until lap 15 where I came across the Minardi’s and Arrow’s. With Imola being the narrowest track on the game I found it hard to pass. When I eventually did I was given a 10 second Stop/Go penalty for shortcutting some of the chicanes. Lap 25 I take the penalty and come out 3 seconds ahead of Hakkinen, in which he gains slowly over the next few laps. Lap 30 Hakkinen gets better traction out of Tosa and has a has a run going into Piratella and with a bit of wheel banging, he goes around the outside and into the lead. Lap 31 Hakkinen is held up by Trulli and I go for the overtake into Tosa and retake the lead but Trulli turns into the corner hit my front corner and I spin around only to collected by Michael and Irvine, Michael and I are out as Irvine loses his front wing (He Retires later due to an unknown reason)
    62 laps
    1. Hakkinen
    2. Coulthard
    3. Frentzen
    4. ? (think it was Ralf)
    5. Salo
    6. ?
    I didn’t record the results but the top 3 are definitely right and Salo was 5th
    1. Hakkien 20 points
    2. Coulthard 19 points
    3. Frentzen 10 points
    4. R Schumacher 8 points
    5. Barrichello 7 points
    6. M Schumkacher 6 points
    7. Irvine, Gene and Salo are tied on 2 points
    10. Zanardi and Alesi are tied on 1 point



    Done Monaco and Spain currently doing Canada and there are only 3 cars left: Villeneuve leading, Herbert 2nd And me 3rd



    Sorry for some language that came through on that last post, i posted that on my ipod which my friends changed some of the autocorrect functions



    1999 Monaco GP

    Qualifed 3rd behind Coulthard and Hill, Frentzen was 4th, Schumacher 5th and Alesi 6th

    I kept 3rd in to turn 1 and Hill going into the tunnel. After several laps trying to pass Coulthard I passed him and the Portier to take the lead. Lap 23 I lap Panis at the swimming pool and he then tries to unlap himself and the last corner, hits me and damaged my rear wing. I pit at the end of the next lap and rejoin in 8th behind Frentzen. As we entered the tunnel he blocked me and I lost my front wing, cue another pitstop. After a few lap behind Fisichella his engine blew up in front of me and the Safety Car comes out just as the leaders are going onto the Start/Finish Straight. However the same thing in Brazil happens and everyone passes the Safety Car (i think its to do which the timing of the breakdown and the position of the leaders) but as I was making my way around I shortcutted the Chicane and got a Stop/Go. I come out in front of 4th placed Coulthard. can’t rember what lap but I lost my front wing trying to pass Villenueve for 7th place, came into the pits and when I was leaving I accidentally knocked the limiter off and got a penalty for pit speeding. I find myself about 40 seconds behind 9th placed Salo. Lap 73 Safety Car is out for a stopped Arrows and this time the leaders line up behind the Safey Car. Lap 74 restart and Irvine sets the fastest lap 1:04.153. Lap 77 DC new fastest lap 1:04.000 but its Irvine who wins the race.
    78 laps
    1. Irvine 1:30:48.862
    2. M Schumacher +.1.198
    3. Hakkinen +1.250
    4. Coulthard +4.136
    5. Hill +6.544
    6. Frentzen +6.911

    10. Barrichello +1 lap

    1. Hakkinen 24 points
    2. Coulthard 22 points
    3. M Schumacher and Irvine are tied on 12 points
    5. Frentzen 11 points
    6. R Schumacher 8 points
    7. Barrichello 7 points



    1999 Spanish GP

    Qualified on pole by 1.2 seconds from Coulthard, Michael, Hakkinen, Ralf and Frentzen

    I lost the lead at the Start but at the corner before the fast right handers, I caught Coulthard off guard and took the lead, which I needed to do as I was doing a two stopper.

    I pitted on lap 22 and came out in 4th place and i instantly had Hill on my tail for the next lap but I got a slight break when the yellows were out and turns 1 and 2 due to Michael stopping, so I went up to 3rd position but Hill tried the outside at turn 5 and are side by side going into 7 and 8, Hill takes 3rd. I retake the lead after the pitstops and set some blistering laps that keep me far enough ahead to keep the lead and to win the race

    65 laps
    1. Barrichello 1:19:.00.197
    2. Hakkinen +27.763
    3. Coulthard +41.996
    4. Hill +47.523
    5. Frentzen +49.739
    6. R Schumacher +1:00.389

    1. Hakkinen 30 points
    2. Coulthard 26 points
    3. Barrichello 17 points
    4. Frentzen 13 points
    5. M Schumacher and Irvine are tied on 12 points

    Next race the Very Bizarre Canadian GP



    1999 Canadian Grand Prix

    I missed qualifying and Started last.

    At the start my finger slipped on the R2 button and Jumped the Start but at the Senna S a Prost’s engine failed and most of the pack got stuck behind causing a number of cars behind to suffer engine failures. My problem was I was stuck right in the middle of stopped cars and unable to barge my way out. Safety car is out and it barges its way through some of the cars but however I’m still stuck for another lap until the safety car barges its way through at the expense of a lot of damage and another Stop/Go for passing on a yellow flag even though the other cars were stopped. So we have 5 cars left after 4 laps. Before I can get any repairs done to my car I had to take two Stop/Go penalties and drive around the lap with a very damaged car and resulting in me being about 10 laps down. After 10 laps I come up behind Frentzen on the pits straight as Irvine Exits the pit and suffers an engine fail in front of both of us and Frentzen finds himself boxed in an collides with Irvine and both are out. Only 3 cars left: Villeneuve is Leading, Herbert is Second and Barrichello is Third. And it stays that way til the end

    1. Villeneuve 1:44:49.419
    2. Herbert +1 lap
    3. Barrichello +4 laps
    4. Irvine +54 laps
    5. Frentzen +55 laps
    6. M Schumacher +64 laps

    1. Hakkienen 30 points
    2. Coulthard 26 points
    3 Barrichello 21 points
    4. Irvine and Frentzen 15 points
    6. M Schumacher 12 points



    1999 French Grand Prix

    Qualified on Pole by nearly two Seconds from Hakkinen, Michael, Herbert, Coulthard and Frentzen

    A poor start allowed Coulthard into the lead and I found Michael up by inside into the hairpin but I got a better drive on the exit and passed Michael into the Nurbergring Chicane. I passed DC into the last 3 corners to take the lead going into lap 2. As I came around next time Herbert stopped after Chateau D’eau and the Safety Car is out. Lap 24 I make my first stop and rejoin in the lead but after a few laps the Safety car is out again due to Hakkinen Stopping. I get a brilliant restart and I lead by 2.3 seconds across the line but the cars behind me begin catching quickly but I hold them off until their pitstops. Lap 48 I make my Second stop and rejoin with a comfortable lead over Coulthard but lap 49 Safety car is out again for the 3rd time this race due to Hill and De La Rosa stopping, so my 20 second lead is reduced to nothing and over the next 12 laps i keep DC behind but lap 62 he has a run into the Adelaide Hairpin but he outbrakes himself and drops the 4th but Michael is now attacking as we go side by side through the chicane before the hairpin at the end of the lap but i hold on just but he has a run going into Adelaide and I go defensive to hold him off but on the next lap he goes around the outside into Adelaide and takes the lead. Over the next few laps I keep attacking him and we make big contact at 180 but he increases his lead and now Irvine is on my rear having a look into the last few few corners but I hold him off and start attacking Michael again, we are set up for a close finish heading into the last lap but at 180 Irvine punts me wide and him and DC go through and I fall to 4th But I didn’t give up but I was unable to pass them at the line.

    72 Laps
    1. M Schumacher 1:25:09.270
    2. Irvine +2.387
    3. Coulthard +3.190
    4. Barrichello +3.305
    5. Frentzen +6.634
    6. R Schumacher +20.913

    Drivers Championship
    1. Hakkinen and Coulthard are tied on 30 points
    3. Barrichello 24 points
    4. M Schumacher 23 points
    5. Irvine 21 points
    6. Frentzen 17 points



    1999 British Grand Prix

    I qualified on pole by a massive 4 seconds from Hakkinen, Michael, Coulthard, Irvine and Frentzen

    I got a very poor start and lost 2 places but I got a good exit onto Hanger Straight and try to pass Michael into Stowe (we know what happened here in the real GP) but Michael Stays ahead but at Club I do a Switchback and pass on the outside at Vale and as we finish the lap I am running side by side on the pit straight and I am ahead at Copse but I turn too early and hit the inside barrier and I get hit from behind and I am out.

    60 laps

    1. Hakkinen 1:18:24.494
    2. M Schuacher +26.049
    3. Coulthard +28.646
    4. Irvine +29.598
    5. Hill +51.699
    6. Villeneuve +1:12.873

    Barrichello DNF

    Drivers Championship
    1. Hakkinen 40 points
    2. Coulthard 34 points
    3. M Schumacher 29 points
    4. Irvine and Barrichello 24 points
    6. Frentzen 17 points

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