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    Nic Morley

    In about a months time I will be starting a dynastie on F1 Challenge 99-02. I will begin my career in 1999 and probably retire at the end of 2008.

    When I start my season I will post updates, news, race reviews regurly. Also please feel free to share your opinions and advice, every F1 driver needs fans! :)


    Nic Morley

    Nic Morley tipped for F1 debut in 1999

    5th November, 1998

    After finishing ahead and making enemys of Mario Haberfield and Enriqure Bernoldi to win the 1998 British Formula Three championship, Nic Morley has been rumoured to land a race seat in Formula One next year. Currently Sauber’s test driver along with Jorg Muller, the Australian has carried out numerous F1 tests (however crashing his car multiple times).

    With the 1998 season done and dusted, world champion Mika Hakkinen admitted his interest in the Formula Three champion.

    “Yeh I saw the championship table, he looks promising”, claimed Hakkinen.

    With Sauber already anouncing their drivers for next year in Jean Alesi and Pedro Diniz, there is no chance for Morley to take the race seat at Sauber. However it has been strongly rumoured that Arrows, Stewart, Prost, and Minardi are interested in the Australians services.

    If Nic Morley was to make the grid for 1999, what team would possibly sign him, and where would he want to go?

    Could Nic Morley end up at Arrows?

    Or Prost or Stewart?


    Nic Morley

    Arrows confirm Morley for 1999

    20th December, 1998

    It has officially been confirmed by Arrows that Nic Morley will race alongside Pedro de la Rosa next year. This means that Arrows will enter 1999 with two new rookies, having seen Pedro Diniz and Mika Salo leave the team.

    I am exited of having landed a drive for Arrows next year. Next year will be a learning season for me, in which I aim to also show I am a fast but consistent driver”,explained Nic Morley.

    With the recent news Arrows have signed a major sponsorship deal with Repsol Oil, in addition to two new rookies; many in the paddock are pondering of what the Milton Keynes based team can achieve next year.

    The unveiling of the Arrows A20 is expected on the the 12th of February, with both de la Rosa and Morley attending.


    Nic Morley

    Arrows reveal A20 at Silverstone

    12th February, 1999

    Pedro de la Rosa and Nic Morley have officially unveiled the Arrows A20. Noticeably the Arrows A20 has a very distinct livery to it’s Danka livery used last year.

    I got my first laps in, and I must say the car didn’t handle to well at all. The car was all over the place and I just couldn’t control it., explained Morley.

    Meanwhile it is rumored that Pedro de la Rosa was very happy with the cars handling.

    Qualifying for the Australian Grand Prix will begin on the 6th of March, where it is believed Mclaren are heavily optimistic of their chances.

    Will the Arrows A20 improve for Nic Morley come race day? Or is a dismal season ahead?


    Nic Morley

    Coulthard destroys everyone after taking Australia pole

    6th March, 1999

    Mclaren driver David Coulthard has kicked off his season campaign in blistering form after beating Michael Schumacher to pole by a quarter of a second. Reigning world champion Mika Hakkinen could only manage third, while and impressive performance from Rubens Barrichello ensured the Stewart driver to fourth. Ralf Schumacher was fifth, ahead of Jacques Villenuve in 6th.

    Nic Morley had a woeful qualifying session, in which he qualified in last place on the grid; three seconds behind 23rd placed Luca Badoer. In the meantime Morley also had a run in with Eddie Irvine, where the Arrows driver accidentally pulled to the side, in 7th placed Irvine’s path.

    “What a complete moron, making an absolute moronic decision. While I was on my fast lap he was ahead, however instead of moving out of my way he veered into my path”., claimed Eddie Irvine.

    “Qualifying was very difficult for me today as the car just handled like crap. I don’t see the need to apologize to Irvine, as I saw the replay and I had the right of way”, explained Nic Morley.

    David Coulthard will be looking to beat Schumacher off the line and win the Australian Grand Prix, but can he?



    This is a fun read. I hope your driving is as good as your writing, though. :)

    Keep it up!


    Nic Morley

    Schumacher takes win after destroying Coulthards race

    7th March, 1999

    Michael Schumacher has won the Australian Grand Prix after a scintillating fight with Mika Hakkinen and David Coulthard. Pole sitter Coulthard managed a good start, however was knocked into a spin by an over-ambitious Schumacher. Michael Schumacher took the lead from there and won the race just over a second from Mika Hakkinen and David Coulthard.

    Rookie driver Nic Morley had an undoubtedly atrocious debut. After making a decent start and taking advantage of the first corner incident, Morley had made his way into 11th spot. However pressure from Oliver Panis out the Australian driver into the gravel; falling down to 13th. A few laps later, Morley was holding off a viscous attack from Jarno Trulli and Pedro Diniz. After falling to pressure, Morley clipped two wheels onto the gravel and spun in front of many drivers. This ended the Arrow drivers race and many others.

    Despite never seeing Morley in the race, Eddie Irvine has found a need to comment on the incident.

    “It was pretty awful watching the replays and seeing so many drivers races being put in jeopardy by a driver, who quite frankly has no place in Formula One”, explained Irvine.

    “I had no where to go. I think it was one of the Prost’s who distracted me by weaving behind me. Drivers should not be able to do that, and it needs to stop, it can cause accidents”, explained Morley.

    Race Results

    01 M.Schumacher Ferrari
    02 M.Hakkinen Mclaren
    03 D.Coulthard Mclaren
    04 R.Barrichello Stewart
    05 R.Schumacher Williams
    06 H.Frentzen Jorden
    06 J.Villenueve BAR
    07 E.Irvine Ferrari
    08 D.Hill Jorden
    09 J.Herbet Stewart
    10 O.Panis Prost
    11 G.Fisichella Benneton
    12 J.Trulli Prost
    13 J.Alesi Sauber
    14 A.Zanardi Williams
    15 R.Zonta BAR
    DNF P.Diniz Sauber Gearbox
    DNF A.Wurz Benneton Suspension
    DNF M.Gene Minardi Engine
    DNF P.de la Rosa Arrows Accident
    DNF L.Badoer Minardi Engine
    DNF N.Morley Arrows Accident

    Drivers Championship

    01 M.Schumacher 10
    02 M.Hakkinen 6
    03 D.Coulthard 4
    04 R.Barrichello 3
    05 R.Schumacher 2
    06 H.Frentzen 1

    Constructor Standings

    01 Ferrari 10
    02 Mclaren 10
    03 Stewart 3
    04 Williams 2
    05 Jordan 1

    It was an immaculate performance by the two time world champion


    Nic Morley

    1999 Australian Grand Prix – Race Review


    Nic Morley

    Hakkinen beats Coulthard to Brazllian pole

    10th April, 1999

    Mclaren have dominated qualifying ahead of the Brazilian Grand Prix. Mika Hakkinen took pole, only a tenth of a second ahead of his teammate. Australian Grand Prix winner Michael Schumacher managed 3rd, ahead of Stewart driver Rubens Barrichello. Frentzen qualified 5th, with Damon Hill in 6th.

    Nic Morley qualified in 22nd place, however showed improvement as he was only two tenths of a second off Marc Gene. Pedro de la Rosa qualified 19th, once again ahead of his teammate. The qualifying session was not without controversy however; as Heinz Harold Frentzen plowed into the rear of Nic Morley.

    “I was on my best lap and then I wen;t off the gravel. The next thing I notice is Frentzen knocking my rear wing off. It was silly from him, he cost me a better qualifying position”, explained Morley.

    All eyes will be on the two Mclaren’s and Schumacher; who have made their mark of 1999 title challengers.



    Fantastic stuff, @robocat :) Keep it up!

    I’d love to know more as well. E.g. No. of laps, whether you’re using keyboard etc :P


    Nic Morley

    @jamiefranklinf1, the number of laps is on 30% (however thinking of moving it up as I am finding the races too short). I was initially using my Driving Force GT, however my pedals have broken :(, so at the moment I am using a PS2 controller :P

    Also I have decided to post the race review video before I post the race review news; this way it may create some more suspense not knowing what will happen ;)

    I will post Brazil race video soon!



    I still have this game installed in my PC, shame I can’t get it to work anymore. It was probably the best F1 game I ever played.

    Still this is looking to be a fun read and it’s certainly keeping me entertained :)


    Nic Morley

    @davef1, the game is very good, I’ve had it since 2003 and have only decided it to play it again recently. The AI are great as they really fight you.


    Nic Morley

    1999 Brazilian Grand Prix race review;


    Nic Morley

    Hakkinen leads a Mclaren 1-2 in Brazil

    11th April, 1999

    Mika Hakkinen has taken charge of the 1999 Driver world championship after winning the Brazilian Grand Prix; for the second year in a row. David Coulthard backed up Mclaren’s performance, by finishing less than a second behind his teammate. Home hero Rubens Barrichello completed the podium, to the delight of the crowd. However it was huge disappointment for the pole sitter Michael Schumacher, as the German had led every lap; only to pull into the pits due to a suspected gearbox failure.

    Nic Morley had a better race, starting from 22nd; the Arrows driver made his way up into 14th. This was partly thanks to the first lap collision between Johny Herbert and Damon Hill. The two Benetton’s also had a miserable race, with Fisichella stalling on the grid and Wurz retiring from rear wing failure. More to the point however; Nic Morley drove a great race having taken a more aggressive approach, however this involved a few spins.

    “What an incredible disappointment, I was leading and then we had a gearbox failure. Absolutely incredible.. or should I saw absolutely gut wrenching”, explained Michael Schumacher.

    “I was happy with my race today and I finished ahead of Pedro, so it is proving that I am the one Arrows should be supporting. I was lucky to escape damage the first corner; a crash that for once I did not start”, explained Nic Morley.

    Race Results

    01 M.Hakkinen Mclaren
    02 D.Coulthard Mclaren
    03 R.Barrichello Stewart
    04 R.Schumacher Williams
    05 H.Frentzen Jordan
    06 E.Irvine Ferrari
    07 J.Trulli Prost
    08 J.Herbert Stewart
    09 J.Villeneuve BAR
    10 O.Panis Prost
    11 A.Zanardi Williams
    12 R.Zonta BAR
    13 J.Alesi Sauber
    14 N.Morley Arrows
    15 P.Diniz Sauber
    16 P.de la Rosa Arrows
    17 M.Gene Minardi
    18 L.Badoer Minardi
    DNF M.Schumacher Ferrari Gearbox
    DNF A.Wurz Benneton Collision
    DNF D.Hill Jordan Accident
    DNF G.Fisichella Benneton Clutch

    Drivers Championship

    01 M.Hakkinen 16
    02 M.Schumacher 10
    03 D.Coulthard 10
    04 R.Barrichello 7
    05 R.Schumacher 5
    06 H.Frentzen 3
    07 E.Irvine 1

    16 N.Morley

    Constructor Standings

    01 Mclaren 26
    02 Ferrari 11
    03 Stewart 7
    04 Williams 5
    05 Jordan 3

    10 Arrows

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