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    For anybody interested in one of the greatest free motorsport’s manager game, you should check out MyRacingCareer.
    I’ve been playing for over a year now and it’s been the best free web based game I’ve ever played and I have plenty of experience in that area ;)

    Initially you choose your driver, setup a team (coach, mechanics, race engineers, etc) and start from the bottom, usually Fórmula 3. Then you move up the ladder to F2, Indy, Nascar or even F1! It’s quite literally a motorsport career management simulator.

    It’s easy to setup races, pretty intuitive and has a great community. Give it a shot



    @blazefp I play the game too and I got hooked very quickly. What driver do you have? Mine is James Lopez cos Dylan was already taken :p


    Nic Morley

    I would also recommend BATracer. Use to play and built a career where I was in F1 for five years where I claimed two victory’s in my penultimate season driving for Renault. I then retired at the end of my fifth season and rtied my luck in V8 Supercars where I was a miserable failure.

    Haven t played the game since just because I haven’t had the time. Though its really good and I would love to start playing it again.




    Mine was the former portuguese champion, Francisco Pires, now it’s Pedro Lamy


    Robert Tang

    I’ve played both of them, and it depends of what you look for in a management game. BATracer is more of a driver-centered experience, with not much actual development and finance involved in the game. But the game is superb with it’s community and fun to play, but sometimes it can get a little frustrating with bad luck. http://batracer.com/-1FrontPage.htm?iOf

    I given up on playing MyRacingCareer some months ago since the game wasn’t exactly my type of games. But it’s more complex than BATracer and you might find it more addictive than I did ;)

    Finally I’d like to recommend one more game, iGP manager ( http://igpmanager.com/ ). It is almost a complete version of motorsport manager you can find free on the internet. I think the best part the game has to offer is live races that you can actually give commands to your driver. I’d say this game is a more complete version of MRC and straight F1 management game



    Funny thing I tried the 3 of them and only MRC stuck xD

    There are plenty others too:

    – topracers.net (I think it’s closed though), has a great engine, main focus is on setting up the car and trying to balance out finances to buy better car parts but gets really monotonous after some time. Also has 2D live streaming, which is incredibly helpful for setting up the car properly, but only if you pay.

    – grpo (the big deal), probably the most famous f1 manager around here but it’s way too complicated and frustrating. Just to get out of the rookie series takes a special excel sheet, a program to set the initial setup and a website to calculate the ideal setup and after that you might not get enough to hold on to the next series and might get relegated to the initial series again.
    Without those perks you have no way of getting over the first series. Plus it’d take me at least 1h to setup the race (yeah singular, just one race).
    Got tired of the game twice already



    I’d have to vouch for iGPManager. I don’t play it any more, but I used to play it when it was in beta, and a little time once it was officially released (At the time, was top of the leaderboard too :P) and it genuinely is a very fun game to play. I imagine that over the course of the last two years or so, it has only gotten better too.

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