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    So, within days of the F1F Forza Motorsport 3 Championship starting up, E3 is here along with much news about Forza Motorsport 4.

    – It’s looking epic. 500 cars from 80 manufacturers, with the addition of monthly car download packs. Initial videos have shown hints of what look like single seaters, which is a first for the series and I’m sure we’ll be jumping on that.

    – Presumably several new tracks, one of which they’re showing off currently. A half purpose built/half road circuit in the Swiss Alps. There’s also signs of the Top Gear test track being in there.

    – Head tracking using Kinect, as well as a showroom where you can look around the cars, open doors, boot, bonnet, etc, with voiceovers provided by none other than Jeremy Clarkson. Apparently more Top Gear related info becomes available today and tomorrow (8th/9th June).

    – Car clubs… like clans in Call of Duty or guilds in World of Warcraft. We can all group up and easily share cars, paints, tunes, etc, as well as easily have races and championships. Even have rivalries with other clubs. F1Fanatic Car Club, anyone? Very excited about this option.

    – A new physics model, adding to the realism, and a new difficulty mode where no assists are allowed. A new tyre physics model has been co-developed with Pirelli. Could that be a hint towards some F1 stuff being in there? No signs of that yet.

    – Night and day racing, to bring the endurance experience to life. Hopefully this will be available on multiple tracks, and not just Le Mans or similar. No sign of wet-weather racing yet, although I’m not overly bothered by that. I like my race tracks to be dry.

    – New modes, both realistic and fun. Examples apparently include Autocross, Car football (as seen on Top Gear, etc), and I’m sure there will be some proper Gymkhana stuff in there too.

    – Then there’s the biggie… SIXTEEN PLAYER online multiplayer. I believe that’s what GT5 has currently, which can be nothing short of epic. Hopefully that’ll extend to offline modes too, because 8 car races leaves the grid a bit thin on the ground.

    I’m also hoping for it to be a bit more ‘Motorsporty’. Forza and GT are great, but I think Codemasters’ GRiD did a better job of making you feel like you were living the life of a racing driver. Forza makes you feel like a very wealthy person with a fast car fetish, who goes racing at weekends when you’re not doing business deals in Hong Kong.

    Anyway, I’m throwing my hat into the inevitable F1F Forza Motorsport 4 Championship due to start sometime in late October… anyone else?



    Well shotgun a place in that championship!

    What i’d like to see:

    Weather (done properly, not like F1 2010)

    Single seaters (don’t care if its not an F1 car, its the experience that i’m interested in)

    Better damage modelling (not so much damage physics, but bumpers deforming realistically etc – grid did this perfectly)

    From the looks of it, there might be single seaters, and the other two are still unknown. Night to day racing isn’t something that i’m massively interested in (if only because Grid proved how hard racing in the dark is). But – this is a game i’ll be getting regardless! I do agree with your motorsporty comment. Forza does feel like a load of menus at time.

    16 online multiplayer will be great – only hope that there aren’t lag issues! And possibly a bit more customisation in terms of the multiplayer modes



    Top Gear track has been confirmed. No idea how you’re supposed to have a proper 16 car race on it though, seeing as it’s a figure of 8.

    How does it work in Gran Turismo 5? Is it for single-car hot laps only?


    Stephen Jones

    nope, you can race!

    if you crash you lose.. there’s even a challenge in GT5 where there is a group of cars that cross the 8 when you do.. all about reactions and avoidance.



    Shotgun a place also



    I wasnt thinking of getting Forza4, but 16 cars… single seaters… Topgear test track! its as good as sold if all are true!

    Id go potty if there was a selection of Old F1 cars (70s ground effect / 80s Turbos!), we’re just crying out for someone to make a modern GP Legands game even if thats just apipe dream of mine. Heck, id take some modern single seaters like GP2s or Formula Renaults possibly with a Formula Ford for those non-aero races!



    Mr S.J.M. would you be at all interested in becoming a semi-professional (but not that professional) Forza Motorsport driver? We have a club now…




    Seeing as this game is out in little over a week (or under a week, depending on where you are in the world). Is anyone else getting it?

    The demo shows off one of the new tracks and the new tyre physics, simulation steering, and general weightiness of the cars.



    Surely one of the best racing game ever. I pre-ordered limited version.



    If you have XBL and have not tried the Forza 4 demo yet, download right now – its fantastic.

    I really like the new simulation handling, you can really feel the weight of the car and you know exactly how its behaving – even with a controller.

    The new ‘Rivals’ mode is really addictive too, though I can’t seem to topple @ajokay‘s Zonda time…

    I’ve got this Friday booked off work. Forza 4 and Korea Free Practice – its going to be a gooood day.


    Tommo N7

    I’ve reserved a copy of Forza 4, quite looking forward to it. I played Forza 3 loads over a year ago, but haven’t touched it it months now. I may be interesting in joining your league @ajokay , assuming a spot is still available and I’m welcome to?



    There’s always room @tommothfc, as not everybody can make it every single week.

    Plus we have special events occasionally, so even those who aren’t full time in the main series can compete for overall glory in certain competitions.

    Either way, its a great community to be part of. //endplug


    Younger Hamii

    Havent really played Forza Games nor been a fan of the Franchise,Im mainly a NFS Fan here but would love to give Forza 4 a try,My Best Friend really adores Forza so if anyone wants to play with me on Xbox Live

    Gamertag : Ham11 iz FB



    @tommothfc, there certainly is space. It’s a club, there’s space for anyone who wants to jouin. If you can’t make it one week, someone will fill in for you, if the lobby is full the next week, you’ll have to sit it out. Either way, you’ll get a race at some point and the more active you become in the community, the more likely it’ll be that you’ll get a race… providing that you’re friendly, not overly competative, and enjoy having good fun with like-mided racers who don’t race just to punt others off into the gravel…

    Anyways, the forum is here: http://www.reallyrubbishracing.co.uk/forums/index.php

    Sign up with your Xbox Live gamertag (so it’s easy to keep track of who everyone is) and join in the discussions and state your intent to race, and we’ll take it from there.

    Same goes for anyone else!


    Tommo N7

    @bookoi @ajokay Cheers guys, sounds fun. I like to think I am a friendly person, and I’m not at all competitive, so sounds like I should fit in perfectly, hopefully. And yeah I’ll check your site out, and sign up :) I just hope any races on Forza 4 don’t clash with a PS3 F1 2011 championship I’m in :)

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