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    So GT academy 2012 has launched and was just wondering who on here is giving it a go, and how are you doing?

    I’m currently putting a lot of practice in on the continuous S-Bend challenge and am currently ranked 225th with a time of 32.750 (.463 of fastest). Unfortunately, being a pad user, I can’t see me doing much better.

    Anyone out there with a wheel giving it a serious attempt?


    James Robertson

    I am also giving it a serious attempt but since I start the challenges quite late after launch I am always a second and a half quicker than the gold medal time but always end up 20000th or some thing like that :-/ Does anybody know how to claim the cars we win?



    You NEED a wheel man if you are serious about it. I can’t this year but if there is one in 2013 then sure thing. :D



    I’m giving it a go but I know I’m not good enough to rank highly so as long as I comfortably beat Gold then I’m happy.

    The cars are going to come over to GT5 at a later date, probably when the GT Academy finishes.



    Got up to 81st on continuous s-bend 2 the other day. Probably a lot lower now though



    This is a pain in the arse. I’m trying to free up space for it and am struggling. I got it download after deleting a load of music (which I spent ages doing last night before finding out the Store was down anyway), but now I can’t install it even after deleting another 500Mb of music. The annoying thing is that it’s GT5 taking up all the space in the first place- 11Gb, plus 6.5 for Prologue and now 3 for Academy. I just want to play!

    Thank God, I forgot about Home which I haven’t used in about 2 or 3 years. Something to delete!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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