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    The GT Cup is back for its third season, but this time theres going to be a nice change in the cars used. This time we’re going for a multi class series.
    Here’s the usual rules and regulations for this season…

    | League Host – Shyguy2008 |
    | Location – My Lounge |

    Driving Options
    | Transmission – Auto/Manual |
    | Tyre Compound Restrictions – Unrestricted (Must have the same on front and rear)|
    | Driving Line – On |
    | Traction Control – 1-5 |
    | Skid Recovery Force – Off |
    | Active Steering – Off |
    | Active Stability Management – Off |
    | ABS – 1 |
    | Tuning – Unrestricted |

    Event Settings
    | Game Mode – 15 Minute Qualifying Session And 1 hour Race |
    | Start Type – Grid Start with false start/Rolling Start |
    | Boost – No |
    | Pit stops – Mandatory |
    | Grip Reduction On Wet Track/Track Edge – Real |
    | Mechanical Damage – Light |
    | Laps – 60 minute ‘enduro’ race and 30 minute ‘sprint’ races |
    | Grid Order – Fastest First |
    | Penalty – Weak |
    | Race Finish Delay – 180sec to let everyone finish |

    Regulation Settings
    | Car Restrictions – Car you requested before the start of the season |
    | Power – Car dependant |
    | Weight – Car dependant |
    | Tyre Restrictions – Car dependant |

    Points System:
    The points system is a new one for this season, it is awarded for each class rather than overall finish;
    1st – 20
    2nd – 14
    3rd – 10
    4th – 8
    5th – 6
    6th – 4
    7th – 2
    8th – 1

    – Drivers must complete 90% of the race distance to be eligable to score points, also said driver must not have rage quited.

    – Each team can have a maximum of two drivers.
    – They must both use the same car.

    Pit Stops and Tyres:
    -Drivers may qualify on any of the available tyres:
    M Class – Racing Medium (Dry)
    M Class – Racing Softs (Dry)
    M Class – Racing Intermediates (Wet)
    M Class – Racing Wets (Wet)

    C Class – Sport Mediums
    C Class – Sport Softs
    C Class – Racing Wets

    – Then the driver can start the race on any tyre they wish regardless of the tyre they used in qualifying.
    – Pit stops are now mandatory due to the need to use two compounds.
    – Drivers must use two different compounds during a race.

    – During ‘Sprint’ races each driver must make atleast one pit stop.
    – During ‘Enduro’ races each driver must make atleast two pit stops.
    – The pit window will be after the first 20% of the race and before the final 20% of the race, you cannot pit on the lap specified. If the pit window is for example 4 laps then you can pit from lap 5 on wards until you start the final 4 laps. The exact laps are specified on the calender.

    – There will be a 15 minute quali session to start off with, then either two short races or one race which will be one hour in length, depending on event type (Give or take a few minutes depending on track)
    – Before qualifying will start there will warm up to make any last changes to setup and get familiar with the track while we wait for remaining driver to join.
    – When I reset the track for quali I will set the race start timer to 20 minutes, that will give us 15 minutes to do qualifying and then a 5 minute break before race one, and then when I change the grid setting for race 2 I will start a 5 minutes race start timer to give us a 5 min break between races. This is mainly jsut to save time

    Racing Incidents:
    -If any driver is found guilty must obey these penalties, if they do not they will incure disqualification from that race.

    -using the wrong car in a race/car that isn’t allowed – DSQ from that race.

    -crossing the line after 15 minutes are up in qualifying and continuing to set another lap +30 second penalty

    -I will be saving a re watching the race replays so see any incidents people have or haven’t reported and then with everyone else’s views punishments will be distributed if needed

    -Having a different type of tyre on the rear to the front 30 second penalty, if doing this causes and accident then said driver will be disqualified.

    -Once you have been allowed to go on track you cannot go into the settings for the car, if you are found to be doing so (i.e have the car settings icon next to your name) you will be immediately disqualified.


    There are a few changes from last season, firstly new cars (see bellow), another new points system.


    Sign Up Part

    Now for the sign up part, bellow are the cars allowed (Split into manufacturers) ((Cars in Red are Taken))

    M Class
    Lotus Elise 11R RM ’04

    C Class
    Caterham Seven Fireblade ’02

    and these are the restrictions on each of the cars.


    If possible can cars in the same team be the same colours (not exactly the same but similar).

    Team 1 –
    Driver 1 – samcrawford – Lotus Elise 11R RM ’04 (Purple, no number yet)
    Driver 2 – Lynchy098 – Lotus Elise 11R RM ’04 (Black, 97)

    Team Babe –
    Driver 1 – djdaveyp85 – Lotus Elise 11R RM ’04 (fluroscent pink, 22)
    Driver 2 – SahilF1 – Lotus Elise 11R RM ’04 (fluroscent pink, 4)

    Team 3 –
    Driver 1 – hamiltonfan01 – Lotus Elise 11R RM ’04
    Driver 2 – gret_88 – Lotus Elise 11R RM ’04

    Team 4 –
    Driver 1 – jameSteez – Lotus Elise 11R RM ’04
    Driver 2 – – Lotus Elise 11R RM ’04

    Gingerbread –
    Driver 1 – Shyguy2008 – Caterham Seven Fireblade ’02 (Outrageous Orange)
    Driver 2 – wooly51 – Caterham Seven Fireblade ’02 (Caterham Yellow)

    ÉirEngland Racing –
    Driver 1 – area4 – Caterham Seven Fireblade ’02 (Lime) (sent by iam_thegame)
    Driver 2 – kennedy – Caterham Seven Fireblade ’02 (Lime)

    SJ-Motorsport –
    Driver 1 – iam_thegame – Caterham Seven Fireblade ’02 (Gold Chrome)
    Driver 2 – SJM1337 – Caterham Seven Fireblade ’02 (Gold Chrome) (sent by lynchy)

    JV Racing –
    Driver 1 – David_JV – Caterham Seven Fireblade ’02 (not sure yet)
    Driver 2 – – Caterham Seven Fireblade ’02

    Not yet in a team –

    Reserves –




    Please read this bit as it is very important.

    Because the cars have different BHP and weight limitations, we will have to have a fairly strict procedure to make sure no one has more BHP than they should have etc.
    So to do this once I reset the track for qualifying no one joins the track, I will then tell people on the chat when they can join the track, while I change the BHP/Weight settings for each car.
    If you get kicked off track due to the changing BPH/Weight setting then please wait untill I’ve finished, but DO NOT go into the car settings though because you could then be changing BHP/Weight of the car.
    Once everyone is on track and had their car checked for correct BHP/Weight, the 15 minute qualifying session will begin. Again DO NOT leave the track back to the lounge at any time during qualifying or between quali and the race.

    Then the race will start. The starting procedure will be a standing start with the fastest qualifier first. The races will last half an hour for each or about 1 hour depending on event. Again you have to use two types of tyres, either the Racing Softs or Racing Mediums or Sports Softs or Sports Mediums depending on the Class

    As this is a multi class season there will be a few rules on lapping slower cars (i.e M Class’s lapping C Class’s). If an M Class car is coming up on a C Class car the C Class car must hold its line and the M Class car will find its way around, however if the C Class car can see there is a M Class car coming up the inside dont turn into the corner. This is for both straights and corners as M Class are better in both than C Class.

    When I reset the track for quali I will set the race start timer to 20 minutes, that will give us 15 minutes to do qualifying and then a 5 minute break before race one, and then when I change the grid setting for race 2 I will start a 5 minutes race start timer to give us a 5 min break between races. This is mainly jsut to save time


    TBA at the moment

    Also time wise it will be at 8:00 on a monday so not much different than last season but this is to get races finished earlier.

    (Example Only)
    Forum Name: Shyguy2008
    Psn: Shyguy2008
    Car: Caterham Seven Fireblade ’02
    Coulor: Inferno Orange Metallic
    Number (If aplicable):

    If you would like to sign up and join in then please post bellow or visit the sign up thread at the site the championship is hosted at (http://precisionracingleague.freeforums.org/gt-cup-season-2-sign-ups-t288.html) and post that your interested, in the following format :)



    I’m provisionally interested, although can you please let me know what time the races will be, as that will be the biggest factor that determines if I race or not, due to my time zone, and also other leagues that I am in.

    Forum Name: ed24f1
    Psn: ed24f1
    Car: Epson NSX ’08



    Forum Name: David A
    PSN: David_JV
    Car: ARTA NSX ’06



    So it’s 8:30 in the morning? If the events last much more than an hour I might struggle to compete. Otherwise I’m interested (not sure how good a job I can do without skid recovery though).

    Forum Name: matt90
    PSN: doobeedoobeedoo
    Car: undecided yet, but I think I own them all so if I’m slow picking I’ll take what’s left



    It will be on a Monday around 8-8:30 BST.

    I’ve added you to the list David, but in a new team for now unless you want to team up with anyone who’s in a team on their own?



    It will be 8:30 PM matt, 8:30 in the morning is far too early for me :P



    I was going to say… I’m in then. How much of a rush to pick a car is there?

    “Cars with an ‘*’ next to them are the only cars free to choose as the rest have already been picked”

    Do you mean without an ‘*’? Looking at the team list it looks like the ones with ‘*’ are taken.



    OK, I probably won’t be competing as that’s 6:30 am for me, which is far too early for me :P



    It’s so hard to choose! The GT-R is easy to drive and consistent, the NSX is exciting and faster but more difficult to drive.



    Raybrig NSX for me please.



    Forum Name: JT19 (JT77 temporarily)
    PSN: jamiet19
    Car: ???? – undecided so far



    I thought it might be a bit of an awkward time ed, sorry.

    Theres no rush matt, you have loads of time, but the quicker you pick the more likely you’ll get the one you want, and yeh I did mean without (my bad) i’ll change that, i’ll add you to the list matt and JT. Any idea what team you two want to go in want to go in? :)



    I was hoping to ask him some time but I will might as well say it now, can I team up with David A aka David_JV? That’s if it is alright with him. If he’s online now, I’ll ask him ;)



    @JT77 – I’m up for it :)



    @david-a Soouund!! :)

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