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GT5 Shuffle Sundays – Every (Sun)day we’re shufflin’

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    Collantine Cup Rules, Administration and Planning® present: Gran Turismo 5 Shuffle Sundays!

    “‘Shuffle Sundays’? What is this i don’t even”

    If you’re a fan of casual, crazy racin’, have GT5 and something called the ‘internet’, you are invited to join the world famous* drivers of F1Fanatic’s original off-season PS3 online racing championship as they crash, bash and smash their way around some of the best tracks Polyphony Digital have to offer.

    As GT5 has over 1,000 cars and 71 different tracks covering old bangers, classic sportscars, luxury sedans, rally cars, NASCARs, karts, experimental hypercars and even formula cars, variety is very much the spice of GT5 life. This is where shufflin’ comes in. We all pick a track at random, get given a car at random, have a race, cause chaos, have mega lolz, then pick another track and do it all over again. No championship, no points, no silly post-race incident investigations, just #RagCity, baby.


    “Wow! That sounds exactly the sort of unpredictable, high-octane, virtual online based entertainment that I would be most interested in partaking in! How do I join?”


    Step One: Post your interest in this very thread
    Step Two: Send me a friend request over PSN (MagnificentGeof)
    Step Three: Enter my lounge at the pre-determined time every Sunday
    Step Four: ????
    Step Five: RAG

    “So when is the proverbial stuff going down?”

    Well, if you hadn’t already guessed by now, Shuffle Sundays take place on, well, Sundays. The first event will take place this upcoming Sunday (Sep 1).

    Racin’ will begin at the same time that all Collantine Cup races are held – 11:00AM GMT. To help you find out when that is in your part of the world, I’ve been nice enough to go to the effort of making a timezone converter right here.

    “I am very interested in getting my shuffle on, so to speak. Please give me the extensive list of rules and strict regulations I must follow in order to be allowed to join said racin.'”

    That’s the beauty of this – there aren’t any rules! No restrictions on driving aids, cars (although you’ll mostly get given yours by random) and whether you’re using a wheel or controller, it doesn’t matter, as we’ll be turning boost and slipstream effect all the way to 11 for full Xtreeeemes.

    Entries are open to all with no commitment required. Microphone and keyboard aren’t essential, but are recommended for chat lolz.

    See you on Sunday, Shufflers.


    Lucas Wilson


    I used to do this all the time!!!!! (usually nurburgring), I used to be called the “Dirty Nurb Master” (no joke).


    Common Monsoon

    car race




    Sweet baby jesus






    Can I say yes?




    Why the hell not! Unless the races conflict with the F1 Championship, then I’ll probably show up :P



    I am so in!



    YES YES YES!!!!!



    I’ll probably join this weekend, though there’s a race in Canada at 10am.



    I’m in for some gt5 shuffles, not always available on the weekends though but will make what I can



    I couldn’t be more in. Love GT5 shuffles.



    I’m on it like a car bonnet



    I’d like to be considered for the sundays I’m available to do so.

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