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Latest F1 2011 patch 1.01(?)

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    Don’t like the latest patch from Codemasters from the point of view of penalties on the online platform. Been getting penalties for wrong reasons. If I try to get a clean start and avoid the crashes I some how get a penalty – like illegal overtaking, when someone has spun on their own accord and I’m coming up to them. Then there are others that run you off the track and get nothing. It’s like they encouraging dirty racing or cheating. Really puts me off online racing. Wasn’t like this in the beginning, just started happening after the latest patch. Has anyone else experienced the same?



    My online racing league had its first race since the patch dropped last weekend and all agreed it was the best race they’d had, and the patch fixed a whole load of problems that had really been stifling online play beforehand.



    No I don’t really recognize the problem you are having, but I also think that the online penalty system is stupid.
    Once in Melbourne I was coming into the last corner and a driver in front gets some sort of problem (he probably spun..) and he just sits there on the right hand through the last bend leading onto the main straight. Then I take the line on the left with lots of space, and as I approach he starts moving his car to the left, squeezing me and I basically hits him because I am going at over 200km/h and he was doing like 100, and because he changes line so rapidly I have no chance of slowing down or avoiding him. That gets me a 10sec penalty.. Thank you..
    I have also been given penalties because OTHER drivers have been squeezing me into the barrier, and then if they are in front, so my front tyre collects their rear tyre and they spin (or as much as you can when there is a barrier in the way at least) in front of me. I have been given the penalty for that also.

    Because drivers are so dirty online I try to overtake them off the track, by using escape-roads and things like that. You just have to make sure that you brake just enough to actually make the corner, try to turn a little bit, but then just let the car glide over the inside of the corner.
    The penalty system don’t give you a penalty for overtaking that way.
    I took the lead at Monza from 8th on the grid or something like that, by cutting the first chicane.
    Not that I am proud of that, but it just highlights the faults of the system.

    The other drivers are just so mad online that I can’t really be bothered to play it.

    Though it is quite fun sometimes to take the sneaky approach and make sure to be the last man to enter the first corner (if you don’t starts towards the front of cause) and then find your self some 5-10 positions up by the end of turn one because people are flying all over the place.



    I agree there have been some improvements – like not having to wait 60secs everytime someone new joins the session. In fact why don’t they just drop it from 60secs to 10 secs once all 16 places have been filled? It looks like the graphics have been improved and you can also see the connection strength of each player. But the lag is still there (which is always going to be a hard task to solve).

    Agree there are a lot of mad drivers out there that spoil the fun, but I’ve also seen a few others that have been very good. I know we’re not all professional drivers and can make mistakes, but if I’ve accidentally shunted someone then I’ll slow down and yield the place back to them – even if it’s on the last corner on the last lap. There are a couple of guys that race under the FORMULAMEDS user name – I was curious as to why 3 guys had their first name then -FORMULAMEDS attached at the end. So I Googled and found out that it’s a professional driver training organisation based in Italy. These guys know how to race and typically run their own custom sessions – and I presume they’re using wheels and pedals as I was following them for several laps – their racing lines/cornering were smooth and they used pretty much every inch of the track. Great fun racing against them – fair and fun.

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